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Yes you can buy the green dot card without putting money on it. To be able to use it for purchases or paying bills etc, you will need to have money added onto that card.

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Q: Can you buy a green dot card with out putting money on the card?
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Where can you buy green tea powder when you can not buy it from Amazon because you do not have a credit card?

You can buy green tea powder at most health food stores. You can also buy a GIFT card from a store and use it to buy green tea powder on Amazon. Just be sure the gift card is from a major credit card company like Visa and not a store gift card.

What do you do if you used all the money on your itunes gift card?

buy what you want with your money or buy a new gift card

Can you take money from a gift card?

Probably not. You cannot withdraw the value of the card in cash from the store (that's the non-refundable part). And if you buy something and then return it, the refund will be in a form of another gift card, or putting the balance back on the card you have.

Do I get a green card if I buy a house in the U.S.?

No, you won't be able to get a green card simply by buying a house in the U.S.

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no because it is there money

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do you have to be working to buy an ira

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Yes, you can buy an Apple gift card and redeem it on your account for whatever the amount of the card was.

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