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Can you buy assassin's creed on your psp go?

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Yes, Assassins Creed bloodlines is a PSP exclusive.

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Is Assassins Creed for a PSP the same as for the PS3?

only assassinas creed bloodlines is the only assassins creed game for psp and for ps3 assassins creed 1 and 2 is for ps3 same for 360 and PC but PC has got a web battle of assassins creed just go to assassin creed web battle PC has got 3 assassins creed and web battle.

Can you play Assassins Creed bloodlines on the psp go?

Yes it can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network.

Can you get assassins creed brotherhood for psp go?

No. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood was only produced for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Should i get a psp 2000 god of war edition or a psp 3000 assassins creed version and my favriote color is red please answer?

If I were you I would have a hard decision too. My favorite color is red also. But I would go with the assassins creed version because I think it's a better deal because it's the psp 3000 and it comes with assassins creed which is supposed to be a good game. But go with whatever floats your boat.

What platforms is Assassins Creed brotherhood on?

Play Station 3, xBox 360, PSP go, and maybe WII.

Are there any cheats to assassins creed?

No, there is not any cheats in assassins creed / assassins creed II / Assassins creed brotherhood --------------------------------- in brotherhood if you finish a sequence 100% and go back into a memory and go into options, therewill be a cheats menu.

How do you get ypur crossbow in assassins creed brotherhood?

u have to go to a shop in the city to buy it

Are there any glitches on Assassins Creed 2?

go on to youtube.com and type in assassins creed 2 glitches

When can you buy weapons in assassins creed 2?

Go to the blacksmith shops when u have florenz or money

What is the best Assassins Creed game out?

well all of the assassin's creed games are really good but if you had to go for one go for the newest game out assassins creed brotherhood

Will assassins creed 3 be on ps3?

yes defiantly, i think if you go on youtube and type in assassins creed 3 trailer it comes up with like the xbox360 case psp case and ps3 case. if not then im sure I've seen it before

Is there going to be a assassins creed 5?

Yes there is going to be another Assassins Creed but Ubisoft have not confirmed that it is going to be called Assassins Creed 5My idea is that you should be able to create your own character and choose what country he or she is from (Im Scottish) and you would go to France and the main person who you kill should be Napolean BondaparteAssassins Creed: Robert De SableAssassins Creed II: Rodrigo BorgiaAssassins Creed Brotherhood: Cesare BorgiaAssassins Creed Revelations: Prince AhmetAssassins Creed 5 or 3: Napoleon Bondaparte

What do you do in assasin's creed after end credits?

walk around in the room or go back into the animus and replay chapters. theirs also the option to go out and buy assassins creed 2

What the point of buying monuments in assassins creed brotherhood?

If you buy monuments, the Borgia will never go near it again because they will fear you.

How do you make a clan on assassin's creed brotherhood?

Just go on the assassins creed brotherhood website and go to the Assassins creed network after selecting your console click more where it says Top clans and you will be brought to a page which will allow you to create a clan.

What is the best Assassin's Creed 2 or Left 4 Dead 2?

i would have to go with assassins creed 2, just depends on graphics and wat kind of games you like, if you like freerunning like parkour; assassins creed 2, if you like killing monster zombies; left for dead 2, but out of my experience, i would go with creed.Assassins Creed II is all around better

Are the assassin creed games better for the PSP or the DS?

PSP because a DS you only go left and right and PSP you can go anywhere

Should you get Borderlands GOTY or Assassins creed II?

hard choice but i would go with assassin's creed 2

Is Assassins Creed without blood?

you can go to the options and change it to blood off

Can you go back to Rome in assassins creed 2?

no you cant go back to rome after it is finished

Where do you find the bloodline weapons in assassin's creed II?

have a psp with assassins creed bloodlines hooked up to the ps3. to perform a sync you have to go to the main menu of the animus on bloodlines and go to upgrades. on the bottom screen you will see connect to ps3 and have AC2 running the main menu while you connect it.

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