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Yes. It is always best for the puppies to receive the mother's milk. Colostrum is the first milk that the mother dog produces, which is necessary for the puppies to receive within the first 24 hours of life, so that they receive natural bacteria in their guts, and receive the mother's antibodies. If the mother is incapable of giving milk to the puppies, if the puppies were found without their mother, or the mother has died, you can get milk supplement in the form of a powder from a pet store. It works much the same as human milk formulas, and comes with directions for how often they should be given it.

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What can newborn puppies eat?

Their mother's milk.

What can newborn puppies be fed if they arn't getting enough milk?


Why do newborn puppies drink milk?

To help obtain nutrients and build up bone density. Newborn puppies don't have teeth yet, so whatever food they consume must be a liquid form, such as milk.

Can you give newborn puppies dry milk as a supplement if they aren't feeding on the momma?


Do you feed newborn puppies cows milk?

No, and you shouldn't, since it's not good for them.

Which eats more a full grown cat or a newborn puppy?

probably the cat because newborn puppies drink only milk-

How long does newborn puppies feed off mothers milk?

until they are 6 weeks old

What milk do you feed newborn puppies?

Call your vet and get some puppy milk,its te best for them,if mom isn`t around.

How much milk do i feed the newborn puppies?

If there just a week old offer it every 2 hours if older offer milk as needed.

Your dog is having puppies now how long for the newborn puppies start to eat?

the puppies will feed off of their mother's milk until they are about 6-8 weeks old. you can then start introducing them to whole food.

Can a puppy drink carnation milk?

No, go to the pet store and buy milk made for puppies.

What type of milk can you give newborn puppies?

Their is special puppy milk like kitten milk in all supermarkets in the pet aisle have a look and if you can't find it then ask someone who works there.

Why is your newborn puppy spitting milk through his nose?

newborn puppies only have milk coming out of their nose if the swallow it wrong and it gets down in their lungs. As they breathe, the milk will travel up through the nose. It's also a sign of overfeeding if you've had to use a bottle.

How cute are the newborn puppies?

Most newborn puppies are very cute. Newborn babies are very cute from a scale of 1-10 mostly it is 10.

Should you give puppys milk?

Cows milk is bad for puppies and dogs. You can buy special 'Puppy milk' from the supermarket.

Why do newborn puppies whine?

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When do newborn puppies poop?

When they have to.

When are newborn puppies old enough to not be smothered?

By the time they are 4 weeks old, the newborn puppies are usually old enough to be smothered.

Can dogs hafe milk?

Yes. For newborn pups you can even buy doggie formula.

Can you give water to newborn puppies?

The newborn puppies should be nursing from their mother, they get all the liquid they need from her the first two or three weeks.

Can newborn puppies smell things?

Yes. Newborn puppies are born deaf and blind so they use their noses to "see" their new world.

Is it good to handle newborn puppies?

You should try to handle the newborn puppies as little as possible. Let the mother take care of them first.

Can you give newborn puppies baby formula if their mother is not producing milk?

no, because baby formula will give the puppy diarrhea and will cause hem to get dehydrated..

When do newborn puppies walk?


Is it bad for kids to see newborn puppies?