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Q: Can you buy passes on with cash?
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How do you earn passes on howrsecom?

You cannot ear them you can buy them with real money in various ways or you can buy one with equus every 30 days of seniourity on Answered by sjs123456 @

How do you get xanthos on howrsecom?

Buy one in the sales

How do you get stallions on howrsecom?

u buy one.

How do you get another horse on Howrsecom?

You buy one in an auction or a trade in the "Trade" tab.

What is a promotional code for howrsecom?

Howrse does not have promotinal codes unless you buy a packet of cards.

If you are given passes on Howrsecom do you still have to pay for the things from the black market?

You can exchange passes for black market items. Simply go to profile > black market, and choose the item you wish to purchase.

How do you buy passes for your equestrian center?

You don't buy passes for your equestrian center. You buy passes for your account, and then you can use those passes for your equestrian center.

How many passes do you get when your Howrse dies at 30 on Howrse?

Only 1. You can buy passes with real money or every 20 day after your 50th day cash in 20 percent of your reserve. :)

How do you pay for Apollo's Lyre on howrsecom?

You can only get the lyre now through achievements, as they are not available to buy.

How do you get a unicorn on Howrsecom?

with a pass, buy one of the unicorn black market items. give it to the horse

How do you get a pegasus on howrsecom?

Buy a pass and buy medusa's blood. That pretty much sums it up. Also sometimes you get medusa's blood in a horn of plenty.

Can you buy a house with cash after foreclosure?

You can buy anything with cash...

How do you buy stuff at the shop on howrsecom?

click it then click however many of those items that you want!simples, eerk!

How do you get 2 passes on Howrse?

Sell a good howrse for passes Buy passes using real money buy passes using game money after certain days

How many eqqus does passes cost?

You cant buy passes out of equusyou buy it out of real money £££££

How can you get cash on YoVille?

you have to buy yocash but u can go yoville factor or do jobs but you cant with cash you have to buy cash

How do you buy passes on howrse with PayPal without having to link a debit card?

If you buy passes, you have to put in your debit card to pay for it. You cannot buy passes without a debit card.

What is your user for howrsecom?


What is the ECshop on Howrsecom and how can you find it?

The EC shop on is where you can buy and sell equestrian center items. You can find it in the equestrian center tab.

How do you buy cash points in crazy kart?

for me go to and go to cash points and then BUY CASH POINTS. (MIGUEL BAYON)

How do you get cash on Foopets?

Just buy cash not earn it!

How to get cash in Territory War 3?

you have to buy cash

What is a cash purchase?

That is when you buy something, and you pay with cash.

Do you have to pay cash to buy a foreclosed home?

Not all cash. You have to pay some cash to buy any home (the down payment). Therefore you buy it the same way you would buy any house.

On howrse on howrse can you give passes to a friend?

You cannot give passes to a friend, but you can buy a horse from them for passes.