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Can you carry a photocopy of your driving license while driving a vehicle in India?


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Yes, you can carry a photocopy of your driving license while driving.

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What is the maximum age limit for getting a driving licence for driving a commercial vehicle in India

maximum age for driving license in India is 60 years.

Yea we can drive in india with united arab amirates driving livense

It's a drivers license in India that only allows you to drive in certain countries.

you can get a drivers license at the age of 18 in India. however if you drive a vehicle of less than 50 cc capacity you can do so at the age of 16.

Yes, it is valid in India. I have bought a car in India using my Nepalese driving licence and also the cops have agreed to it .

An Indian citizen can get his/her first driving license at the age of 16. But the engine capacity of that particular vehicle should not exceed 50cc. It mostly used to be gearless scooter. But now that model is no more available in the market.

Some states its different. In Wyoming (which is where i live) you get your learner's permit at 15 and your license at 16. in India u get it at 18

Yes, It is necessary. Only show two wheeler under 50 cc electric vehicles does not need license in India.

Only for six months. After that period, you musttake a UK driving test to prove your competence to hold a full UK licence.

coin passport driving license any govt document police cap

what is a liquor license cost in india for wholesale business .

dear sir, I have missed my driving licence since,before last three months. Any way is there i replaced . Regards Karthikeyan

Yes, legally you do need a license to practise psychology in India and also certificate of the university where you learnt the subject. But there have been cases of people practising Psychology {and also other things like, aviation and driving} without a license or a forged one obtained through bribery. Million lives are at stake. :'(

I think there is no driving school for motorcycle in India.

To get a travel agency license, make sure you abide by all the laws of India. You should also make an application for license on the IATA website.

travel license required for a shop in bangalore ..

Well it varries from state to state. Min 30 days max 45 days. You also require a certificate from Car driving School.

18 years old to have a permanent drivers license

The driving distance from Satara, India to Kolhapur, India is 91 miles / 146 km.

Simply apply for a learner's licence first then after 6 months apply for the full licence by giving a trial. To apply for learner licence visit any driving institutes or go to an RTO relevent to you resident place.

18 is the minimum age for getting driving licence. person who cross the age of 14 can get licence for motor cycle without gear (with parental acceptance. his/her parent personally sign in leaner's licence forum.)

He has to wait one more year i think so :) So he is 18 then and can take even four whell licence

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