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Yes. Asked a kcmo police officer.

Officer hall.

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Q: Can you carry a unconcealed weapon in Missouri?
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Is it legal to carry a unconcealed gun in Missouri?

As long as its not concealed then its legal.

Can you carry a unconcealed weapon in California?

pocket knife with the clip showed is legal

Can you carry a handgun unconcealed in Texas with a CHL license?

No. A CHL only permits you to carry a concealed weapon.

What is a unconcealed weapon?

A weapon that is visible

Do you need a permit to carry an unconcealed firearm in Missouri?

think 7 states dont allow Open Carry

Can you carry an unconcealed handgun in Florida?

Not legally. You can carry a concealed weapon if you have a concealed weapons permit from Florida, or from any state that Florida recognizes.

Is it legal to carry your unconcealed handgun while traveling through Arkansas?

Concealment does not matter, a person can carry a weapon when "on a journey" which has been defined by precedent.

Can you carry a gun unconcealed in public in California?

No, a person can not carry an unconcealed gun in public in the state of California. If a person has a concealed weapons permit they are allowed to carry the concealed gun.

Can you carry an unconcealed handgun in Jacksonville Florida?

probably not

Can you carry a unconcealed handgun in NH?

As long as your not a felon

Can you carry a concealed weapon in a vehicle in Missouri without a concealed carry permit?

Not legally without a ccw.

If in the military are you able to carry a consealed weapon even if you're not 21?

Being in the military confers no special privilege to carry a firearm (concealed or unconcealed). You may only be armed when on duty and under orders.

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