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You don't get Deoxy by going into space you need a Aurora Ticket to go to Nine Island you can get it by going to a Nintendo Event or using an Action Replay.

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Q: Can you catch Deoxys by going into space on Pokemon?
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How do you catch Deoxys at the space center in Pokemon ruby?

You can't. You can only catch deoxys in Pokemon firered leafgreen.

Can you go to the moon and catch Deoxys if you beat the Elite Four and talk to everyone at the Space Center in Pokemon?

NO. All the rumors you hear about going to the moon to catch Deoxys is completely and utterly FALSE.

What is the leadendry in space in safire on Pokemon?


Do you get dexos in space in Pokemon emerald?

You can not go into space on any Pokemon game, dispite what others may tell you. Going into space is one of the BIGGEST lies anybody has made up for Pokemon games. You can ==only== catch Deoxys at Aurora Island. You can get here by going to a Nintendo Event in REAL LIFE Japan, or by using a Gameshark/Action Replay.

How do you get into space in Pokemon emarld to get doexys?

to get deoxys you get a ticket to some sort of island then you keep chasing the triangle rock until it gets into the midle then it explodes and deoxys comes out then you catch it and your done.

How do you get into space in Pokemon sapphire?

the space thing is a rumor to get deoxys, you can use a gameshark to warp or use the battle deoxys code

Is there a way to catch the legendary Pokemon like mew lugia ho-oh jirachi and Deoxys without cheating?

In emerald you can catch deoxys and jirachi but your internal battery needs to be working if it is keep going to the space center until they get to rocket launch 99 then talk to the dude that tells you which one there on and he'll ask if you would want to go on 100 if you do you can catch jirachi and deoxys if not you can catch celebi the same goes for ruby and sapphire hope this helps

How to get Deoxys in Pokemon?

go to the space center and dnter the spaceship

What do you do in the space shuttle in Pokemon emerald?

it depends on when you get on but i believe you can go up and catch iether deoxys or jirachi but im warning you if you try to do it again on the same Pokemon you wont be able to do it even if you restart!

HOW to catch Deoxys with an action replay?

You catch it by getting a ticket or a mystery gift and then you go to the spaceship area and then you get on number 10 after that your have to find it in space. Good Luck!AnswerActually Deoxys is number 50 and Jirachi is number 100, you can also get deoxys by getting aurora ticket and jirachi by trading from Pokemon channel to ruby/sapphire then trading to emerald.

Which Pokemon is best to use the master ball on regirock registeel or regiice?

neither, they are all easy to catch. save it to catch deoxys or jirachi. Wait 50 weeks (50 launches and get on the rocket to the moon at the space center).

Where do they go in space?

On the Pokemon games (due to a glitch), you can go to the moon and get Deoxys from the Space Center in Mossdeep City.

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