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Can you catch Mewtwo in leafgreen?


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Yes. he is in the cerulean cave obviously near cerulian city, after the elite four you will need to go to the deepest part of the cave, you need surf though but that's all, also mewtwo is lvl70 so make sure you're prepared

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To catch Mewtwo in LeafGreen or FireRed no. To migrate Mewtwo from LeafGreen or FireRed to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum yes you have to have it in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

No trade one from firered or leafgreen.

1. you cant catch mewtwo on ruby emerald or saphire<spelling mistake> you can migrate the mewtwo you catch on leafgreen or firered to migrate to platinum

you cant catch mewtwo in platinum you need to mirgrate it from firered or leafgreen or you can trade from hg an ss

No you cant get Mew on leaf green, but you can get Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave.

No trade one from firered or leafgreen.

to catch suicune,mewtwo,raikou and entei

Mewtwo is a legendary psychic type of Pokémon. Gary does not appear again after you catch Mewtwo in Pokémon Leaf Green version.

You can't catch mewtwo in pearl, but you can transfer one through pal park if you have one in firered,leafgreen,ruby,sapphire, or emerald. Or you could use cheats to catch mewtwo in pearl

you cant catch mewtwo in Pokemon emerald. to get it you must trade with either Pokemon firered or leafgreen.

No two Pokemon make mewtwo ,you must catch it in firered or leafgreen and if you want you can migerate it to diamond or pearl.

1. Mewtwo, if you catch him in the Cerulean Cave, he will be at Level 70!!!

You can't. You'd have to trade it from a Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen game.

ANSWER 1:Mewtwo appears only in Fire Red and Leaf Green. You can catch him in either of those games and then trade him to Pokemon Ruby.sorry mate its impossible only way is to trade like this guy said (: (: (: (: (: (: (:ANSWER 2:I regret to tell you that you cannot catch Mewtwo in Ruby. You can only catch Mewtwo in FireRed or LeafGreen. (You can use cheats to get it but it wouldn't be as fun).Mewtwo is at Level 70 in LeafGreen and FireRed so use an Ultra Ball/Timer Ball/Master Ball.If you need/want a Mewtwo you can trade Mewtwo into your Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Game.

Moltres articuno zapados mewtwo and if you can get to birth island somehow you can get deoxys

No but you can transfer from Leafgreen,Firered to HeartGold,SoulSilver then trade to Black,White!

give him the ruby on island six, then you can catch mew and mewtwo

no you dont. all you need to do is beat the elite four

you can get mewtwo more than once if you get it in firered or leafgreen and trade it via pal park

after you catch or defeat mewtwo walk around mew twos spot and eventually he will come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats how i got mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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