Can you catch Rayquaza again even if you defeat it?

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No the only way to get it now is from a friend.

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Q: Can you catch Rayquaza again even if you defeat it?
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Can you catch Rayquaza in a ultra ball in Pokemon ruby?

Yes, you can even catch rayquaza with a poke ball if you enter from the right door.

Can you catch Rayquaza even if he already got away?

Nope sorry..... unless you saved before you battled Rayquaza

How do you catch Rayquaza easily?

If you have owned a rayquaza before you can use a repeat ball this will make it really simple to capture on top of that weaken it to make it even easier.

Where do you go to catch Rayquaza if he fleed from sootipilis city on emerald?

you go to sky piller everybody even i know that

How do you catch a Rayquaza?

just convince yourself that you can. i just used a master ball but you can even catch it in a poke ball, if you want. p.s. that is extremely difficult but it can happen

Can you use any other pokeball besides a master ball to catch Rayquaza?

You can use any pokeball unfortunately it has a low catch rate so it can be difficult to catch it even with a ultra ball

Can you get Snorlax even if you kill the other two?

nope you will not be able to catch him after you defeat the others.

Can Rayquaza learn dig?

No. even tho Rayquaza can learn dive, surf, and waterfall

What is the strongest Pokemon in the hoen region?

rayquaza. use a master ball on it. is very hard to catch using ultra bal even if it is red and has a status prob.

Can Rayquaza be caught on Pokemon ruby even if you not yet deafeted the elite four?

You can only catch it after beating the elite four however you can get it from a friend before defeating the elite four.

What Pokemon is more powerful Rayquaza or Deoxys?

i would have to say rayquaza Even my favourite type is psychic and deoxys is psychic but rayquaza in dragon-flying types and rayquaza is the main Pokemon is rayquaza in Pokemon emerald and rayquaza is the most powerful Pokemon in the hoenn region well i think

Groudon keeps using rest and you cant catch him you used your masterball to catch Rayquaza and Rayquaza is to powerfull to even attack Groudon how do you catch Groudon?

you just need to get the master ball off the galactic grunt boss it has a 100% catch rate hope i helped or you can buy lots of ultra then go to terra cave (thats where find and weaken groudon down real low like about its about to faint but dont kill it then try to catch groudon with an ultra ball this will take patience.........lots of patience

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