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Yes and no. You will have to be more specific.

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Did Harry Houdini die with the bullet that he had to catch the bullet in his teeth?

No. He died from a ruptured appendix.

What was harrys favorite trick?

Bullet Catch

Can a rattlesnake catch a bullet?

No, a bullet travels much faster than a snake could react. Besides, the bullet would probably tear the head off the snake.

Is it possible to catch a bullet?

No, it's not. Myth Busters actually busted that myth before (:

Can you catch a bullet from a fired a gun?

WRONG, you may die but theoratically you can catch the bullet due to it not travelling as fast as light, problem is that if you go to grab it you would be shot due to the velocity unless your hand travelled away at a velocity slightly less so you would catch it, dont try though

How do you catch tornadus in white?

in white you have to you must trade for landorus (catch it in black) in white you can get thundurus by finding it (it moves check the eletric bullet boards

Can Chuck Norris catch a bullet?

No. Nobody would dare fire at him, incase it reflected off him and killed them.

Is it safe to shoot the rohm rg10s 22 pistol even if you may catch some shaved bullet?


Did Bruce Lee catch a bullet with his bare hands?

He caught it using his mouth, he catched it right in between his teeth!

Why does a bullet spin?

The answer has two parts - 1. Why do you want it to spin: It allows the bullet to be more accurate and travel further. The bullet spins for the same reason that football players spin a football when they throw it. 2. Why does it spin (How do you make it spin): Inside the barrel are grooves (rifling) that catch part of the lead of the bullet and spin it like bolt spins when you put it into a nut.

What kind of measurement do you need to take a photograph of a speeding bullet?

It's not a measurement- it's a high speed camera.Indirect MeasurementActually, it is a measurement to catch a photogragh of a bullet. It would be direct measurement to be precise.

What was wonder woman's catch phrase?

Stop a bullet cold, make the Axis fold. Change their minds and change the world.

Can you catch a bullet from a fired a gun in a long distance?

No. Trying to do so will get you killed. Bad idea. REALLY bad idea.

Could you photograph the bullet once it came out from the muzzle of the gun?

Yes, but it takes a special camera and lights to catch an image of something moving THAT fast. Go to Google Images, search for "bullet in flight" and there are hundreds of photos.

Can you catch a bullet with your teeth?

Don't even try it, its a magic trick (when shot out of a gun). You could toss an already fired bullet from your hand, up into the air, THEN catch it with your teeth, more or less safely, BUT if you swallow it, or it goes down the trachea, you will need medical assistance (either to avoid lead poisoning if you swallow it, or a doctor retrieval if it goes down your windpipe).

How do you get a bullet out of you?

If it is deep, it will require surgery to get the bullet out.If it is deep, it will require surgery to get the bullet out.If it is deep, it will require surgery to get the bullet out.If it is deep, it will require surgery to get the bullet out.

What the difference between a bullet and a rubber bullet?

None. A bullet is a bullet, regardless of what material it's made from.

What is the giant bullet bill from Mario's name?

Little bullet: Bullet BillBig Bullet: Banzai BillGiant Bullet: King Bill

What is an analogy that goes with bow and arrow?

Rifle and bullet (The bullet is dependent on the rifle to accomplish its purpose)

What is a supersonic bullet?

A supersonic bullet is a bullet that is faster than the speed of sound.

Can you prevent a bullet from hitting you by kicking it if someone shoots you?

This is impossible for a human to do. You would have to move at such a speed that the velocity of the bullet would no longer be a threat. Difficult to explain, however you would have to be able to move faster than the bullet. If you could move faster than the bullet, you would have to hit it from the correct angle to change its course. Almost like kicking it away from a 45 or 90 degree angle. If you have ever tried to swat a fly, you have to be faster than the fly. You must be faster than a bullet. Mythbusters, a television show on the Discovery Network in the US, has done this with trying to swat a bullet away. They used a robot to attempt to swat bullets and even to catch them in the teeth. There was just no way that the human body can react that fast. They were able to demonstrate that it is fully possible to catch an arrow shot at one, but even this was a pretty low success rate.

Where can you get good sales training on the Gold Coast?

You can get good sales training with the team at Bullet Proof Business. They are on the Gold Coast. The best way to catch them is on their website

What rhymes with mullet?


How is a cow bullet used for a cow?

There's no such thing as a "cow bullet." A bullet is a bullet, and it's purpose is for only one thing: to kill.

Is it safe to shoot the rohm rg10s pistol even if you may catch some shaved bullet?

Timing issues like that are a good way to injure yourself or others.

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