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Can you catch a cold by sleeping with a fan on?

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No. Colds are caused by your body's susceptibility to a cold virus.While low humidity in a room might create the proper conditions for some viruses, a fan does not have any effect on the humidity level in a room, as a fan simply pushes air around, it does not alter the air like an air conditioner. A fan blowing directly in your face could potentially dry out your mucous tissue and make it slightly easier for a cold virus to gain entry through cracked tissue, but without the presence of the virus in your immediate environment resulting in your exposure, you will not get a cold no matter how dry your membranes are.

There are a lot of myths and old beliefs from before science fully understood the mechanism of infection by rhinoviruses (the viruses causing the common cold). The idea of being out in the cold weather or in air drafts causing a "weakening" the immune system allowing for infections isn't true.


Dowling HF, Jackson GG, Spiesman IG, Inouye T (1958). "Transmission of the common cold to volunteers under controlled conditions. III. The effect of chilling of the subjects upon susceptibility". [American Journal of Hygiene 68 (1): 59-65.];

Douglas, R.G.Jr, K.M. Lindgren, and R.B. Couch (1968). "Exposure to cold environment and rhinovirus common cold. Failure to demonstrate effect". [New England Journal of Medicine 279.]

Your immune system doesn't need to work hard to keep you warm because immune response isn't responsible for temperature regulation, so that does not put any strain on the immune system or interfere with its ability to fight infections.

The best way to avoid colds is to wash your hands regularly, and steer clear of sick people as best you can.

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Can you catch a flu by sleeping with a fan on?

No, but you can get AIDS.

Can you catch a cold sleeping next to my wife?

Yeah you probably can if you're in close contact.

Why does my body ache after sleeping with the fan blowing on me?

The cold air makes your muscles contract.

Why does your body get cold while sleeping?

I believe when your tired, you get cold. When you sleeping, you are very tired. You get cold while sleeping because you are tired

Is it ok to have a fan constantly blowing on your puppy while its sleeping?

yes it would be fine unless its really cold weather outdoors.

What is the correct way to write the sentence Sleeping in the rain a cold was developed?

There are many ways to improve this sentence. Here are some possibilities:Sleeping in the rain caused Joey to develop a cold.Sleeping in the rain was the reason Joey developed a cold.My friend slept in the rain and caught a cold as a result.Note that all of these examples refer to a person. Because the sentence refers to a cold that someone has already caught by sleeping in the rain, it is necessary to refer to that specific person. If you want a general sentence about the risk of sleeping in the rain, the sentence cannot be in the past tense. For example, you could say "Sleeping in the rain can lead to developing a cold."

Can you catch a cold if you take a cold shower?

yes u can catch a cold if u take a cold shower but u can also catch a cold if u are in a bad weather and germs.

Did you cough a cold or did you got a cold?

"catch a cold" is the most common usage. "I caught a cold" "I don't want to catch a cold."

Can you catch a cold in a desert?

Yes, a person can catch cold in a desert if he/she is exposed to a cold virus.

Can you catch a cold from another person?

yes you can catch a cold from another person.

Can your catch a cold from someone baking a cake?

You can potentially catch a cold from anyone.

How old are babies when they catch a cold?

babys can catch a cold at any age!

Can you catch cold sores from warts?

You can't catch cold sores from warts.

What can you catch but not throw?


A sleeping cat cannot catch a rat?

The phrase, "A sleeping cat cannot catch a rat" is a proverb. I means that if someone is not paying attention then they will miss an opportunity.

Can you catch another cold while having a cold?

When you catch a cold, you have the virus that creates it inside you, you can still get more of the virus but you already have the cold

What is a sentence with the idiom catch a cold?

If you don't take your vitamins, you might catch a cold.

If you already have a cold can you catch another one from someone else?

If you already have a cold you can still catch a cold from someone else. Every cold virus is slightly different, and although you can't catch the same exact cold twice, if the other cold virus is not the same one you already have, you can catch the new strain.

When you catch a cold it is most likely you contracted it from what?

A cold is a virus and you catch it from someone else or by touching something someone else has touched. This is why you should wash your hands a lot during cold season. You do not catch a cold from being cold.

Can you catch a cold by being next to someone with a cold?

You can catch a cold by being next to someone with a cold. This is because cold and flu in infectious and is considered to be an airborne disease.

Can you catch a cold after you have just had a cold?

yes you can :)

Can you catch a headache from kissing someone?

I dont think you can catch a headache. You can catch flu or a cold which are symptoms of flu or a cold, but you cant just catch a headache.

Can babies catch colds from adults?

yes, because cold is airborne. anyone can catch a cold.

If you not careful you might catch a.?

If you are careful during cold and flu season, you might catch a cold.

Why you use catch or caught for fever or cold?

It depends on the tense. Will you catch a cold next season? Did you catch a cold last season? I caught a cold last season. I will probably catch another one this season. I have caught so many colds my nose is permanently red. I think I am catching a cold.