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No. You can catch a Growlithe in FireRed in Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar island. FireRed is the same as LeafGreen so you can catch it. ;P i have 2 of them

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Firered can catch growlithe not leafgreen trade one to leafgreen. i heared you can catch it but its rare to get it. like he said or trade it.

To obtain a growlithe on Pokemon Leafgreen you need to trade it over

Sadly you cant catch Growlithe in leaf green only in fire red.

you go to the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar island and walk around until you find a can catch a growlithe in the haunted mansion or the cave of orign

Only firered can get growlithe you can find it on the route east of celadon city.

There aren't growlithe in LeafGreen. FireRed has growlithe, LeafGreen has vulpix.

You can't capture Arcanine in Leafgreen. You will need a Growlithe from Firered first then use a Fire Stone on Growlithe to make it evolve to Arcanine.

If you mean Growlithe, then your answer is You cannot get it in Leafgreen. You can ONLY get Growlithe in FireRed.

you can't get a growlithe in leafgreen only fire red sorry :( .

No. Growlithe is a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon FireRed Version.

LeafGreen version does not have Growlithe.

you can catch a growlithe at route 37.

Unfortunately, you cannot catch a Growlithe in Pokemon Leaf Green. You need to trade one from Pokemon Fire Red or XD.

You have to trade him over from Pokemon Firered.

It is very rare, because you can only get Growlithe on certain games like FireRed and HeartGold. You can't get Arcanine directly, it has to be evolved using a firestone on Growlithe. You can't get Growlithe on Emerald, LeafGreen, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum or SoulSilver.

you can't catch growlithe in leaf green only in fire red at route 7,8 and the poke mansion

i dont think you can catch one the only way is to catch a growlithe and train it and when you decided what level you want to evovle it use a fire stone on it and your preciouse little growlithe will evolve into the "legendary" arcanine.

Yes here are some examples: Oddish, Delibird, Murkrow, Scyther, Electabuzz, Ekans, Growlithe.

You can't get Growlithe in Pokemon Pearl unless you trade for it.

you can catch growlithe in Pokemon mansion on cinnebar island.You can catch growlithe on route 7 and route 8. Hope this helps.

impossible unless if you trade it form Pokemon leafgreen or other related Pokemon games (except DS Pokemon games) . in other words it is a Pokemon version exclusive Pokemon like growlithe (firered) and vulpix (leafgreen)

You don't. You must trade with a friend that has Pokemon FireRed.

You have to trade with someone who has fire red.

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