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Can you catch azelf or uxie when you kill them on Pokemon platinum?


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yes, but it takes a while, and use the poketech app that allows you to track Pokemon

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In platinum it would be better not to kill mesprit uxie and azelf, it would be better to catch them.

you cant evolve a wild Pokemon in Pokemon platinum you either have to catch the wild Pokemon and then evolve him/her or kill the wild Pokemon.

It depends what game you have. In diamond/pearl you can't. In platinum, if you make it faint (not kill, Pokemon can't die) you cab't catch it, BUT you can catch again its its ALTERED FORM (which looks cooler).

after u beat the elite 4 in platinum u go to a room somewhere in the mountain of sinnoh then get the dialga orb and the palkia orb then go to spear pillar and a blue diamond will be there kill or catch it then get the pink diamond and catch it or kill it


I don't think you can catch it so you either have to cheat (which i don't suggest doing or else the Bad Eggs will kill your game), trade another Pokemon for a Cyndaquil, or get a GBA Pokemon game with Cyndaquil, having beaten Platinum, and migrate it from that game to Platinum.

if you dont catch giritina but you kill him, you dont have another chance enless you saved the game right before you tryed to catch him

catch or kill giratina the you'll go to sendoff spring haunter is somewhere there. NOTE if you dont believe me kill or catch giratina go in the portal where giratina was then look on the map!

you either killed him or didnt catch/kill palkia or dialga

er...fight it with your Pokemon and then throw a pokeball at it. it should catch it... yes fight it but not kill it

legendary water Pokemon after you kill them they never come back.......and regular water Pokemon is always there nomatter if you killed them....but they have to have at least 1hp left to catch any Pokemon.

kill a magnemite stick it on there and there u have it

catch it in the distortion world.if you kill it there then you have to go to the distortion world and catch it in its altered forme.if you kill it again then beat the champion again and it will regenerate.

You use your strong(est) Pokemon to kill the Gym Leader's Pokemon.

go to spire and capcher or kill giratina

you kill him with highly level Pokemon

No their isn't a re battle code for Shaymin I guess your hopes are gone but here's some advice when you battle legendary Pokemon you should save you game right in front of the Pokemon before you battle them that way you don't have to try to battle a legendary Pokemon and then accidentally kill it then you will have the chance to catch it again and maybe this time you will catch the Pokemon you wanted to catch thanks man- josheyman123 though what about pokesav??

you can get darkrai and to people who dont know that kill urself

Yes you can rematch greevil at anytime and he will still have his shadow Pokemon if you defeated them.

I take it you mean how Azelf runs away and you have to find it in the grass? For that case, or for any other Pokemon that run from you, there are multiple ways to catch them without a master ball. Probably the best way is to use a move that prevents others from running away or have a Pokemon that prevents running away. After it becomes forced to battle I would use something that will paralyze/sleep/freeze the other Pokemon so it becomes easier to catch (Burn or Poison has a chance to accidentally kill the Pokemon). Then weaken the Pokemon to low health (preferably False Swipe as it always leaves 1 HP left) and throw Ultra Balls at it until it gets caught.

Platinum: At Spear Pillar If You Kill Giratina You Can Catch It At the Creek Thing (From Diamond/Pearl) Diamond: yo a killler loser

Nothing, you just can't catch him.

If you have killed him ... your f*cked, sorry :(

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