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No you caan only send it from firered or leafgreen


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you dont. you have to trade from emerald.

You can't get Mew in XD. Sorry.

You unfortunatly can't, but you can get a lugia! also if you have Pokemon emerald ruby or Sapphire then if you get an arora ticket the you can go to an island and catch mew then trade it to XD gale of darkness

You cannot catch Mew, so you need to transfer it to Pokemon X

You can't catch it in XD. Try catching it in Pokemon Emerald.

If You Meant To Catch To Mew,No.

No, you cannot catch a mew in Pokemon Platinum without cheating.

You cannot catch Mew in "Pok

there is no way to catch mew in Pokemon ruby you have to get him from Pokemon emerald then trade him you need to catch mew by going to a event or you could use action replay

you cannot catch wild rare Pokemon in xd but you can catch the trainers rare Pokemon, if they are "inpure"

Torchic does not appear in Pokemon XD as a catchable Pokemon.

there no cheat to catch mew in pokemon ruby

You can't get mew in firered or leafgreen.

You do not catch Raikou in Pokemon XD but you can in Pokemon Colleseum.

in Pokemon xd there is a rumor that i heard that if you catch and purify every Pokemon (including dragonite) and go to cinidark island that and defeat grevil that you will hear a cry from far away then go and talk eagun then leave his house and there will be a shadow mew outside his door. But i havent actually done it ...sorry :-(

you cant really catch mew in Pokemon diamond you will have to porticipate in the Nintendo event or you could by the action replay and type in the code to get a mew

you don't catch raikou in xd only in colosseum.

there is a mew in Pokemon soulsilver but you need to catch all leadndery Pokemon including event Pokemon

You need to trade Mew from Emerald

Rayquaza is not avaliable in Pokemon XD

You cannot catch Mew in "Pokémon Ruby."or you can get mew-two in fire red or leaf green.

you can catch it in mt.cornet no cheat

you have to trade you cant catch it

You can't catch mew on leafgreen you need gameshark codes for that

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