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Can you catch more than one rotom?

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No. You can only catch Rotom once.

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How do you catch a fridge Rotom on Pokemon diamond?

you can't catch any other forms of rotoms other than the normal one on diamond and pearl, only in platinum.

Can you catch Rotom in diamond?

You can catch rotom by going in eterna forest and going in the house but you need a Pokemon that knows cut and when you get in the mansion you find 5 rooms and you go to the one on the nearest left and you click A on the TV and rotom will come out to battle

What level is Rotom where you catch it?

After the elite four (not confirmed) go to the house in Eterna Forest (near the Eterna side exit). Go into the rooms one by one and talk to the TVs there. One of the rooms will have Rotom in it. Rotom is level 15.

How do you catch rotom in Pokemon diamond?

go to the old place in Eterna Forest and go upstairs. Wait until night, then go to the room second from the wall (the one with a tv in it), and talk to the tv. Rotom is in there. You can catch him with ultra ballsThe above statement (now striked out) is false. You can catch ANY Pokemon with ANY pokeball. Some are easier to catch Pokemon in than others.

On Pokemon Yellow how can you catch more than one Mewtwo?

You cannot catch more than one Mewtwo. The only way to have more than one is through trading with someone else with the game.

Where do you catch Rotom Pokemon pearl?

After 7.00pm, go to the mansion in the forest next to eterna, and go upstair. Talk to the television in one of the rooms and rotom appears

Can you catch more than one gible?

Of course. You can catch more than one of any Pokemon in the wild, as long as they are not a Legendary or part of an event.

What Pokémon can you catch at the Pokémon mansion?

The MOST IMPORTANT Pokemon to catch is Rotom. Rotom has 5 differrent forms and each Pokemon game case SHOULD(unless you bought the game at gamestop, EB games, Vintage stock, etc.) have a instruction sheet on how to get one of those 5 types of rotom. Two get all five types you must have 5Rotom!

How do you get all forms of Rotom on pkmn pearl?

You can only get 1 form because you can only get one rotom on the game its self. if you trade more then 1 rotom to the same game THEN you can get more then 1 form.

How do you catch a rotom in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cannot capture Rotom is HG or SS. The only way to get one and unlock the special room in Silph Co. is to trade from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Can you catch more than one dog legendary Pokemon in firered?

No, you can catch only one of them. You have to trade the others.

In Pokemon SoulSilver where can you catch rotum?

Rotom is a really weak sort of legendary. You can only get it in Pokemon diamond and pearl. So it is sort of not possible to get it in the wild in soul silver. You can get him in the GTS, if you're lucky. Also if you have a friend that has rotom, rotom can breed with a ditto so you can get a rotom egg. Then you and your friend will both have one.

What time of day can you catch Rotom?

You can only catch him at night. It is inside the haunted mansion in Eterna Forest in one of the rooms that is upstairs, in the back, inside a television.

Can you catch more than one shiny Pokemon?


Is the Pokemon delibird legendary?

yes but there is more than one delibird like rotom cause in the episode when delibird saves pikachu proves it is

Can a human have more than one virus at a time?

I do think that a person can have more than one virus at a time because if you are in a very contaminated area then you can catch more than one virus

Where is Rotom on Pokemon Pearl?

In the Eterna Forest, there is a Old Chateu, and inside one of the rooms in this place, there is a TV (now, you can only battle Rotom at night) Go up to the TV. It will ask you if you want to thump the TV. If you do, make sure you have some weaker Pokemon in your party, because Rotom is only lvl 15. Get ready to catch your Rotom!!

If you defeat Rotom in Pokemon without catching it can you still go back and catch it?

If it is a ledgendary Pokemon (meaning there is only one of it in the game), them no

How do you see Pokemon 152 in Pokemon Platinum?

If you mean Rotom, heres a tip: go to Old Chateau (night time). There is a room with TV. Examine the TV, and you will fight Rotom. WARNING You have only one chance to catch him!

Where to catch Rotom in Pokemon HeartGold?

Rotom is not obtainable in heartgold and soulsilver. You have to trade it from Pokemon diamond, pearl, or platinum.theres no rotom on heart gold or soul silver i believeto get one though, trade your friends or use the GTS etc..No, you'll have to trade with the Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum version.

I talked to the tv in the haunted house in Pokemon pearl but nothing happened. What do i do?

In order to catch Rotom, the Pokemon who inhabits that television, it is required that the time of day is in the nocturnal period, otherwise Rotom willl not appear. For future reference, Rotom is at level 15 but that has no impact on how difficult he is to catch so I strongly advise you bring several ultra balls or a master ball if you happen to have one.

How do catch more than one Dialga?

You cannot, there is only one in the game (unless you trade).

What do you do if you killed rotom save the game and want to catch him again?

You restart your game and try again. Otherwise, you have to get one in a trade cuz you can't get one in your game

Which one is more easy to catch fire straws or wood?

It is very interesting to find out that straws are actually more easily to catch fire than wood...!

How do you find Rotom in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't find it in Heart Gold, but you can get it in Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum.Here's how:After you defeat the Elite Four in Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum go to the Old Chateau at night.Go to the blinking TV in one of the rooms.Battle and catch Rotom.Trade Rotom from DP to HG or SS