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Can you catch nosepass Pokemon golden?

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no because nosepass is from ruby Sapphire emerald though you could make a hack of the game with all 493 Pokemon

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you catch nosepass at mt. coronet

Nosepass is a swarm Pokemon on Pokemon diamond

You can catch Nosepass in Pokemon Omega Ruby by attacking its nose which acts as an electromagnet that determines location.

You can find nosepass in granite cave very rare though.

No evolve nosepass at mt coronet to get one.

Nosepass is a Rock type pokemon.

go to the cave north of dewford town and smash lots of rocks

In marine cave at the end. Theres a squirtle with it.

To get nosepass you have to go to Mt.coronet and my nosepass is 38.

You can find nosepass in granite cave.

In Pokemon insurgence, nosepass evolves in New Mauville

catch a nosepass and level it up 1 lvl in mt coronet

You need to train it in Mt. Coronet. If you have Pokemon Platinum, you can catch it here too.

On Nabiki beach there is an entrance into a cave.Go in there and work your way to the back. At the end of the cave,or known as Marine cave,you find a nosepass.

you catch it in granite cave

You cannot evolve Nosepass in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

In Pokemon Emerald, you can catch Nosepass in Granite Cave, right by Dewford Town. In the cave around the 3rd floor, there will be breakable rocks. Nosepass only appears by using Rock Smash on those rocks, nowhere else in the cave or the game.

you can catch in the safari zone with 14 rocks and 10 trees after a certain amount of time

you can only catch them if you get all the badges in all regions. or pay to get a golden membership. remember, you only get the chance to catch them

I haven't catch these Pokemon yet: - Nosepass - Feebas - Chimecho They all rare, so of you ask what is the rarest Pokemon, I can't answer it. But if you ask what is the rare Pokemon, my answer is above

Nosepass is a Rock type Pokemon that evolves into Probopass if it is leveled up in certain places. Wild Nosepass can be caught on Route 206 in Pokemon Diamond while they are swarming.

It is a rock type Pokemon.

Nosepass is a rare Pokemon in the game Pokemon Sapphire. It can only be found by using Rock Smash on boulders in Granite Cave.

Nosepass doesn't evolve in Ruby, sorry.

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