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Yes quite a lot of them

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Where do you catch a non-legendary ghost type Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

In the Old Chatuea in Enterna forest the non legendary Pokemon are Gastly and a very odd Gengar.You can also catch them near Solaceon Town at night

Were do you catch Rotom on Pokemon diamond?

you can catch rotom next to the old cheatu on route 205

Old Cheateu in Pokemon Diamond?

It's in the Eterna forest and you can catch Rotom there.

Where can you catch feebas in Pokemon diamond?

upper segment of mt.coronet with an old rod

Can you catch diglett in Pokemon Ruby?

no you cant catch diglett on Pokemon ruby because diglett is too old he comes only back in Pokemon diamond

Where do you find TOTODILE in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't catch/find Totodile in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. You have to trade with someone who has the old game with a Totodile in it.

Where do you catch murcrow on Pokemon platinum?

you cant transfer from old games or trade from diamond.

What do you do after you battle the snowpoint city gym in pokemon diamond?

Placing into play that i think its the seventh gym leader CATCH UR LEGENDARY AND MOVE UR BUT TO THE NEXT GYM 10 YR OLD OWT

In Pokemon diamond or Pearl can you catch a feebas with a super rod?

No you have to catch it with an old or good rod in the safari zone in pastoria

Catch any Pokemon in Pokemon platunim?

no but you can catch both Dialga and Palkiaalso you can catch articuno, zapdos, and moltres but so far i think you can only get certain Pokemon like in Diamond and pearl and the other old versions

Where to get porgon on Pokemon Diamond?

you can catch a porygon in Pokemon diamond by going to the old man in the mansion and out to the trophy garden. You also need the national dex to catch a porygon . walk around the grass and in a little while it will appear.

How do you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon diamond?

Migrate it from fire red, leaf green, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, or trade it from Diamond or Pearl from someone who already has one, or use action replay. You just catch it in the Pokemon league. On the 300th Pokemon you battle there, the old Pokemon will faint and Mewtwo will appear. Catch it with a regular old pokeball. * Don't attack Mewtwo or he will disappear!* Trade it from fire red to emerald to diamond and catch it in pal park. (see related Action Replay link)

How do you catch fish Pokemon diamond?

You get an old, good, or super rod and press on it in front of a body of water

Where can you catch Charmander in pokemon?

If playing pokemon pearl, diamond or platnium, transfer charmander from the old pokemon games to the DS games using pal park.

Where do you catch all of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

Here's a list: Mesprit: Meet in Lake Verity. You catch randomly around the world. Uxie: Lake Acuity Azelf: Lake Valor Dialga: Spear Pillar (Diamond), trade for it (Pearl) Palkia: Spear Pillar (Pearl), trade for it (diamond) Cresselia: Meet on Fullmoon Island, catch it randomly around the world. Manaphy: Trade from Pokemon Ranger Regigigas: Catch in Snowpoint Temple Heatran: Catch in Stark Mountain(national dex) Rotom: Catch in Old Chateau between 8pm and 4am (Only with national dex) giratina : turn back cave Hope this helps and is right! Rotom isn't a legendary, didn't you know that. why would you think that. you're just like the person who said riolu and lucarrio was legendary, he was wrong too.

How can you catch routum in Pokemon Diamond?

Have a gba Pokemon game inserted and go to the old chateu, then go to the room with the T.V. in it and press the A button.

Can you catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Diamond?

No the only way to get rayquaza is with action replay or importing it from an old gba game

How do you catch a Palkia in Pokemon diamond?

You can't you can only see it at celestic town where the old lady shows the picture to you

How is Entei obtained in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Sorry, but Entei can not be obtained in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl itself, you must transfer it from old GBA games and use the Pal park in DP to catch him.

Where to catch a gyrados in Pokemon Diamond?

there are two ways of getting a gyrados in Pokemon diamond: 1. you can use a super rod. 2.you can also use your old rod to catch a magikarp and then train it to level 20 or i think 22 so that it can evolve to a gyrados.

Is Rotom legendary in Pokemon?

Rotum is not a legendary, and can be found at night in the Old Chateau.

What Pokémon can you catch in Pokémon battle colsseum?

In Pokemon colociem you can catch Pokemon like charizard,pikachu,pidgey,not realy Pokemon in diamond and pearl or plattinum or emerald, sappire, and ruby. plus you will find some from Pokemon red ,green ,yellow and so on.point is you will find the old type of Pokemon in the old Pokemon shows.

Where do you catch Rotom in Pokemon diamond?

at the old chateau between 4 and 8 pm after getting national poked-ex

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