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Yes, a person can legally change the color of their car after signing the contract. After the person signs the contract the cart is theirs.

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Q: Can you change the color of a car after signing contract?
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How long do you have after signing a use car contract to change your mind There was no purchase yet and the car is still on their lot?

You have signed a contract. You may have cancellation options listed in the contract, but generally once you have signed a contract, you are bound by that contract. You need to review the contract to know for certain.

Can a car loan title company change the terms of your contract without you signing?

Yes they can and ID11 stop u noob.

Can you cancel your car loan before you receive the money?

3 days after signing contract

What is the latest you can return a car after signing a contract?

Once you have bought a car you cannot return it. A car is not like a shirt. There are no refunds on cars.

Can you return a used car in GA within 120 hours with a bailment agreement signed and a contract signed if the dealer is not up-holding the amount within the contract?

You can return your used car, in the state of Georgia, within 72 hours of signing the contract. 120 hours after signing the contract will require a determination by a circuit court judge.

In North Carolina how long do you have to change your mind after signing a contract for a new car?

There is no time frame. Once a car is signed for it is now legally bound to the new owner. Unless the written contract specifies a special return clause there is no law stating a car may be returned due to buyers remorse.

Can i be removed of a contract if i were tricked into co-signing for a car?

Unless you were physcially threatened into signing, it is highly unlikely. How in the world could you be tricked? You of course read it before signing, and knew exactly what you were signing. If not, you should have. Ignorance is no excuse under the law.

Who can sign a contract?

Anyone who is over 18 years of age and of sound mind is able to sign a contract. An 18 year old can rent an apartment or buy a car which includes signing a contract.

I signed a contract on a car. Can I renege on the contract if I did not pick up the car?

You need to go let the seller of the car know that you have changed your mind within 3 days of signing. Do this in writing and have them sign receipt of your letter. If you ordered a car, you may be liable for the deposit.

How can you see a color change on your car online?

Live color change

Can a husband get in trouble with the law for signing his wife's name on a car contract?

Yes, unless she has signed a power of attorney authorizing him to do so.

How long do you have after signing loan contract to return a car in Ohio?

You cannot return the car. The Buyer's Remorse law does not apply to vehicles. It only applies to unsolicited sales.