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Can you change your birth control start day without the risk of getting pregnant?

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Yes, you can change your start day without increasing the risk of pregnancy as long as you don't go more than seven days without an active pill. To do so, just start the next pack earlierthan scheduled, rather than later. So if you want to change your start day from Sunday to Wednesday, and you took your last active pill on Saturday, take the placebo/sugar pills for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, discard the old pack, and take the first active pill of the new pack on Wednesday.

2012-08-12 12:27:56
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What is the percentage of getting pregnant WITHOUT using any contraception?

There is no known percentage for definate. if you use a condom then there is roughly a 5% change of getting pregnant, where as if you use no protection or contraception, the risk is considerably high. if you dont want to become pregnant you may want to consider birth control, and also without a condom you run the risk or catching an STI or STD.

Is there a change of getting pregnant while being on birth control and no condom used?

of course. the birth control pill is very effective if taken correctly. there is always room for human error, so yes there is a chance of getting pregnant while being on birth control and no condom use.

Is it easier to get pregnant after a pap smear?

A pap smear does not change the odds of getting pregnant.

How do you get pregnant after the birth control implant?

Having sex without birth control results in pregnancy for 85% of couples using no method for a year. Previous use of the contraceptive implant does not change this number.

Can you get pregnant on the birth control patch if you change the patch on the wrong dates?

If you change the patch late, you may get pregnant. If you change the patch early, you are not at additional risk.

If you have been on birth control for years and then change can you get pregnant?

Yes, because your off birth control...

Can smoking menthol cigarettes reduce the change of getting pregnant?


If you stop taking birth control after only two days of using it does it change your cycle and your ovulaton days?

Yes it can, but not for long. Birth control pills have hormones in them. Also after quitting birth control pills/patches you have a higher risk of getting pregnant!

How does birth control change your body?

It just stops you from getting pregnant constantly after you give birth. Like Jamie Lynn Spears She gave birth to a little girl 5 months ago and she's pregnant again. Many are begging her to abort and others are telling her to use birth control.

Does a pap smear help to get pregnant faster after IUD removal?

Pap smears do not change the chances of getting pregnant.

I am on my reminder pills and i'm not getting my period I have missed it the passed 2 months now and im definitely not pregnant?

Hi See your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test. If its negative change birth control.

How do you get your hamster pregnant on Hamsterz 2 without waiting overnight?

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How long can you be on birth control?

You can be on birth control until you want to get pregnant, reach menopause, or have a medical condition that requires a change of method. There is no time limit for staying on birth control.

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Can Without sperm a get pregnant?

first you need to change some words around in your question so it is readable. And no you can not!

If you are pregnant at 17 in Illinois can you get married without parent consent?

Pregnancy doesn't change anything so no.

Is it hard to get pregnant coming off birth control?

no it is not hard cause your hormones change as soon as you are trying to become pregnant. coming off birth control is a better and faster way to get pregnant cause your hormones are controlled in the way that your periods are normal so it makes it alot easier.Type your answer here...

Can wearing a tampon change the risk of getting pregnant?

I would not advise wearing a tampon while having intercourse.

If you have a different sex partner while pregnant does the DNA of the child change without protection?

No the sperm of the person you are having sex with while pregnant will have no effect at all on the baby.

Is sex better after getting tubes tied?

I don't imagine it would change, except for the mental part. You may be more relaxed not having to worry about getting pregnant.

What will happen if you don't change your birth control patch weekly?

You're more likely to get pregnant than if you use the patch as directed.

Does Lamictal affect the birth control pill?

There is always a chance of pregnancy. The only birth control that is 100% of not getting pregnant is abstinence. Birth control pills change the metabolism of Lamictal, and may make it work less well during the active pills, and then spike the levels during the off weeks. Call your neurologist/psychiatrist and your gyncologist to conference about a birth control method that's best for your particular situation.

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