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yes. even if they are from the same company.

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Q: Can you claim and be paid out on two life insurance policies?
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What are the dividends paid on life insurance policies considered to be?

The dividends paid on life insurance policies by the insurer are called reversionary bonus which varies yoy.

What are dividends paid on life insurance policies considered to be?

The dividends paid on life insurance policies by the insurer are called reversionary bonus which varies yoy.

When a life insurance claim is paid is it public information?


What are some low rate life insurance policies?

Some low rate life insurance policies are the whole life policies. Life insurance policies are contained in a contract between an insurer and the insured, stating how much would be paid to a designated beneficiary in the event of the death of the insured.

Is there a life insurance database showing policies paid out?

No there is not. There is also no central database that you can check for policies taken out on individuals.

Will my life insurance policy have to pay my student loans?

No. Life insurance is paid the the beneficiary named in the policy, your creditors have no claim against the insurance proceeds EXCEPT if the proceeds are paid to your estate.

How do you get paid selling life insurance?

The Direct and Corporate Agents who sell life insurance policies on behalf of the Insurance Companies are paid a certain percentage of commission(quantum already settled before) on the premium amount. In the case of single premium policies, commission is paid once and at a lower rate, whereas in conventional policies the commission is paid on premiums paid on every mode and at a bit higher rate.

Which life insurance company was paid the death claim of benazir bhutto?


What is the specific length of time required that a life insurance policy is active that the insurance will pay if the death is caused by suicide?

Most life insurance policies have a two year contestability period. If death occurs by suicide within the first two years, the claim would not be valid and would not be paid. If the contestability period has expired, the claim should be paid as any other cause of death would.

Why is it considered a bad idea to get life insurance for a child?

It is considered a bad idea for a child to get life insurance because insurance policies are paid continuously. Compared to a child, whose life expectancy is longer, adults will get more from life insurance policies because they are more like to die soon.

'in death how much is paid if individual has several whole life insurance policies'?

The amount that is paid by whole life insurance is the face value of each policy. It would be paid to the beneficiaries listed by the owner upon his/her death.

What are insurance proceeds?

Proceeds are the payments of the benefit. So in other words with Life Insurance it is the death claim amount paid out.

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