Can you claim mother if her pension is 3800 yearly?

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What is a pension?

Answer . A pension is a form of transfer payment, which is direct financial assitance to those who are no longer capable of working (after the age of retirement). A pension is given to those who work in both the public sector (government servants) and the private sector(not all private sector wo ( Full Answer )

How can a mother claim full custody?

Answer . You have to address the issue with the biological father to see if he will give up his parental rights with no reservations. If he does it may be as simple as going to the courts with the proper papers to file. If he will not then you have to prove why you should be in full custody and ( Full Answer )

You are the executor of your fathers will and the guardian of your mother who is disabled may you charge an executor fee yearly?

Answer . The purpose of an executor is to distribute the assets of the decedent. Once an estate has been settled and the property distributed there should be a final account filed and the estate will be closed. An executorship is not for an indefinite, ongoing period. As guardian of your mother yo ( Full Answer )

Can you claim a pension payment from Cigna Insurance for 10 years service from 1974 to 1984 My contributions were returned with no interest on leaving but nothing from the company contributions?

If you worked for INA before the merger with Connecticut General, you were covered under a non contributory pension plan. That is, the Company paid for the plan 100%. You earned 2% each year of your average of you last 3 years salary. Therefore, for the 10 years you worked you earned a pension equal ( Full Answer )

Your mother was left something in a will but has died can you claim it?

If the "something" was in the will of a person who died before your mother did, the "something" becomes part of her estate. If you have no brothers or sisters and your mother died without being married at the time (no other heirs at law), the something is yours. If the "something" was in a will o ( Full Answer )

What if a relative claims a mother abandoned her child but she did not?

Any person can make a claim about anything. However, a court of law requires proof that such a thing did in fact occur.. The general criteria in such cases is for the state's department of child protection to investigate the claim and then if warranted, submit those findings to the court.

Is a UK national entitled to a UK pension if currently living abroad but who previously worked in the UK for more than 10 years and if so how to claim it?

A UK citizen can receive a pension provided he/she has attained the normal. age at which the UK government pays a State Penion, (65 years old usually).. You should conact: Dept of Work and Pensions, Tyneview Park, Whitley Road,. Renton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE98 1BA United Kingdom, for full infor ( Full Answer )

What are the factors of 3800?

The factors of 3,800 are: 1 2 4 5 8 10 19 20 25 38 40 50 76 95 100 152 190 200 380 475 760 950 1900 3800

How do you get your pension?

How do you apply for the matured age pension from a company that closed in 1987?

My dad was married in Mexico and never told my mother. My parents were married in the U.S.Now my father passed away and his first wife wants to claim his social security pension. who has the right?

I really don't know the answer but I have a comment. I am in the same situation, my husband had a "shot gun" wedding in Mexico in 1991, I think. We were married here in the US in 2004, his "ex-wife" still lives with his mother which am guessing because he never divorced her, wouldn't the county pic ( Full Answer )

How can my mother get my father pension from Pakistan International Airline he passed away in 2006 since then she didn't get the pension?

I am a former PIA employee. PIA pension rules state that a retired employee (pensioner) would receive the pension for his entire life. However, in case he dies, the widow shall receive pension as per the following rules: (i) If the retiree / pensioner has received pension for 10 years or more, no ( Full Answer )

In Canada how does an exwife claim her exhusbands Canadian pension?

Former spouses have no right to their former spouse's pension. Claiming such would be fraud. Added: If you are referring to a Canadian GOVERNMENT pension, you may wish to contact the agency for which he worked. It may not be the same - but in the US, if an ex-wife qualifies she can receive a p ( Full Answer )

Approved Claim check for damage is 3800. The body shop quoted 1400. Can I use them and pay only the 1400 and keep the rest?

The insurance company settled with you for the $3,800. You accepted that amount. The insurance company does not care what you do with the money. The two things to consider are if the repairs are not done correctly or do not restore the car the insurance company could deny future claims because they ( Full Answer )

Your mother was on title to a house with your daughter. Mother signed a quit claim to you. If your mother passes away can the property be tied up in her probate?

According to your question, your mother and your daughter owned property together. That deed should be recorded in the land records. If they owned as joint tenants with the right of survivorship, when your mother dies her interest in the property would pass automatically to your daughter and bypass ( Full Answer )

Can a mother claim life insurance on her daughter that committed suicide?

As it happens, I used to work in the insurance industry so I am familiar with this question. Life insurance policies typically have a clause that invalidates a claim if the insured commits suicide within a year of the date when the policy was purchased, but if you have had that insurance policy for ( Full Answer )

What is pensioners?

Pensioners are people who at one time worked for a business or the government but stopped working and now receive money from them. I had a great uncle who was wounded in World War I. He received a pension from the army for the rest of his life. He was a pensioner.

Can you claim for a private pension on your tax return?

Does this mean can you deduct contributions to a traditional individual retirement account (IRA) on your federal 1040 income tax return. If that is what this is about the answer would be yes if you meet all of the necessary rules to be a qualified taxpayer and make the qualified contribution amounts ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if your daughters mother claimed her on her taxes if she lives with you?

Be mature and ask.... The IRS has pretty strict rules for determining who can claim a dependent, and for the most part it's the custodial parent (the one she lives with more than half the year) unless it's either specifically stated in the divorce decree and/or the custodial parent signs a form ag ( Full Answer )

Can your mother claim your son on her taxes if you owe back child support?

To claim a child as a dependent on your taxes, the child must have lived with you and you must have provided support for over 50% of the year. So the mother in this case can claim her grandson on her taxes if she supported the child for at least 183 days out of the year, regardless of whether or not ( Full Answer )

Can a mother make a claim on her adult child's property if she has contributed to it financially as a gift?

No. A gift doesn't give her rights in the property. If the adult child dies her spouse and children will be her legal heirs at law. Her parents would be her legal heirs only if she had no spouse or children or will. No. A gift doesn't give her rights in the property. If the adult child dies her s ( Full Answer )

Can your mum claim deceased dads pension?

A complicated question. Mostly, it depends on how dad's pension was set up when dad began working. It also depends on whether mum and dad were living together when dad died.

Is a step mother claiming to be the mother on medical forms considered filing a false instrument?

That depends on the purpose of the forms. If you have any doubts, before completing the form you should ask if it is appropriate for you to sign the form because you are a step-parent or explain your parental relationship to the person who is asking you to sign the form. Even if you have already sig ( Full Answer )

You made no claim to your ex-husband's pension during your divorce because there was no paperwork on it at the time. How long do you have to file for it?

You need to consult with an attorney who can review your divorce decree and explain your options, if any . When a divorce decree is entered, it generally terminates any claims the parties have against each other forever. If the husband's pension was in existence at the time of the divorce it was up ( Full Answer )

Can you claim your mother on my income tax?

No. My mother would not let me let you claim her on your income tax return. Even if I could claim my mother on my return I would not let you claim her on your return. My mother will be claiming herself on her own return. Nice try though. If you are interested in possibly claiming your own mother on ( Full Answer )

Did Moses' mother claim Moses later?

Moses' mother, Jochebed(Numbers 26:59), placed Moses in a basket in the Nile River to hide him from Pharaoh and save his life(Exodus 1:8-22). Later, the daughter of Pharaoh found him floating there and took him for her own. However, she needed a nurse for the baby, so Miriam, Moses' sister, suggeste ( Full Answer )

Can I claim my mother on my income tax return?

Yes, if you provided over half her support, and her taxable earnings were under $3700. Also, You cannot claim a person as a dependent unless that person is a U.S. citizen, U.S. resident alien, U.S. national, or a resident of Canada or Mexico. See "Qualifying Relative" at the related link.

Can a wife of 10 years who is going through a divorce claim part of her husband's prior military pension?

Your situation is governed by the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act of 1982. You need to consult with an attorney who is familiar with military divorces. You can read an overview of the act at the related link. Your situation is governed by the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protect ( Full Answer )

Did King David give the advice to cut the baby into when both women claimed to be the mother?

No. Soloman was King Davids son. Wisdom was a gift given to King Solomon concerning the baby that belonged to the true mother. The other womans baby had died and she wanted the baby whose real mother take the keep it from being cut into...while the derranged mother said...ok cut ( Full Answer )

Do you need to file taxes if you only receive 3888 pension yearly income?

The National Debt is money the government owes for exnnadipg itself beyond its financial means. Since our national debt is almost one quarter of our entire budget the interest we are paying is 1.1 billion each year. We are paying nothing on the principle. It will not be long before the America Fiat ( Full Answer )

How do you write authorization letter for my salary to be claim by my mother?

To write an authorization letter for your salary to be claimed byyour mother, simply address it to the person in charge ofdistributing the payroll. State that your mother will be picking upyour pay, provide your mothers name, your name and a telephonenumber where you can be reached.