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Yes, but as with any other hair coloring process you will have to go back to the salon or touch it up at home every 4 - 6 weeks to cover up your roots so that no one will notice. Hope this helps, Good Luck and God Bless!!


permanatly, forever, no hair grows which is why we have to retouch it in the first place, is the roots that are growing out, not the hair that exists already getting longer so you have to redye the new gray that grows through at the roots this is why permanant dyes are not literally permanant, there is no such thing, its temporary,. but they are the most permanant of al hair dyes avaiilable

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2009-06-11 17:45:33
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Q: Can you color your gray hair permanently?
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What hair dye color covers gray hair?

"I find the best hair color to completely cover gray hair is L'Oreal

How do you color your blonde hair gray?

Get some Grey Hair dye! WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR HAIR GREY?

How can i color gray hair?

hair dye

What is George W. Bush hair color?

his hair color is gray and black but mostly gray

What products can permanently remove grey (white) hair?

The only way to permanently remove gray hair is by using a laser point to 'kill' the follicle.

What color was beethoven's hair?


Will blonde hair color cover all gray hair?

Yes. Blonde is the best to cover gray hair.

How do you color gray hair if you are allergic to paraphenylenediamine?

You can try using henna to color your hair.

Doe L'oreal Frost & Design Hair Color work on gray hair?

L'oreal Frost & Design Hair Color is ideal for gray hair. It offers coverage as well as a sublte way to blend gray into highlights.

What over the counter hair color works best on white hair?

Pick a hair dye that is specifically made to be used on gray hair, and the covering of gray hair. It will take to hair with no color for longer.

What hair color did Beethoven?

His hair was gray. But of course that was when he was old. I don't know his natural hair color.

What are some tips for coloring in gray hair?

If a person wants to color their gray hair, they must remember that gray hair is more difficult to color than other hair. The colorant will need to be left on the hair for a longer period than non-gray hair. Also, one will have better success with color tones have some red pigment in them.

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