Can you come down off cocaine with Percocet?

Its never safe to mix anythig, but ive tried coming down with Vicodine the blow and worked perfectily, im not sure about Percocet, but if they are simiailar at all I would say try it. But SMALL doses!!

It all depends on your system. My first response would be, do not mix drugs and if you can, do not do it. Someone as I did in the 70s, when Cocaine was cocaine and not the crap today, we had a Drug (downer) Qualude. It was later banned in the USA, not sure, but do not think it is even made. I could not afford coke much, but I was never one to like a speed feeling, so Cocaine was much less that feeling than say Amphetimine. I could never get it up on just Cocaine, but to take the edge off and get the ole private to work, you could get to a point when right, of just the right mix it was Euphoric. I was an athlete most of my life until 20 and I was LUCKY to not have Od, had a heart attack or died. I saw too many die in Florida. Oxycontin is much stonger, if you have to do this, cut everything in half, especially the downer. If you do Oxy, Percocets of even one level down Vycodin, cut them by 2/3rds of what you would do by themselves and continue to monitor how you feel every 30 minutes when your coke wears off.

As an old man, I just smoke pot and am so happy I made it through life, please be careful, one person takes a hit of crack and dies, another can be an addict for years. Everyone's system is different, fatigue, dehydrated, so many things can change what you can do today over tomorrow. Be careful