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You cant because it is a newer model and can only be connected with v5 - tama-go However you canconnect v3 tamagotchis to v1 tamagotchis through to v4.5 ;) Glad i could help


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Yes, but niether of them can connect to a v4.5 or a v3.

You can't because of 3 characters, it cannot connect with versons 4.5 and less-they only have 1 character to care for. You can only connect with V5

You don't. I though you'd know they can't even connect, who ever you are!

well if you have a v3, v4, v4.5, or a v5 you can go to tamagotchi or it doesn't matter

No, there is absolutely NO way for V5 to connect to any other version but to a V5.

tamagotchi v4 can connect v4 and v4.5 tamagotchi v5 can connect v5 and v4.5 and tamagotchi v5 can NOT connect v6 sorry but with v4.5 u can do a lot of stuff! and theres your answer!

Unfortunately, no. Each tamagotchi version can only connect with one of its own, so a V5 can only connect to a V5, and a V4 can only connect to another V4.

Yes and No, they can connect IF the v5 does not have 2-3 characters. Otherwise, you could try for a million years and still not get them to connect. But, as I said, if the v5 has 1 tama you can connect.

Unfortunatley , v5 can only connect with v5s, sorry \(^o^)/

The Tamagotchi V3 is the oldest version of Tamagotchi. You need the V5 version of Tamagotchi.

yes they can i have a v2 and a v3 and they connect all the time

v1 to v2 to v3 to v4 to v5 again its v5 to v1 the cycle continues

connect v5 with v5, or v5 with v6. then go to your list/ book, and you'll see your friends.

You Can't The Music Star Is Newer The The V3. You Can Connect V3 With V4 And V2.

a+b =pause for v3, v2, v4, v5. love jansu

7 OF THEM v1 v2 v3 v4 v4.5 v5 v6

A Tamagotchi v5 is a virtual pet/baby thingy that you can take care of...there are others too... v3..v4..v4.5..v5..and the newest one v6...i am not quite sure if theres a a v2

Well, with a V5 you have 3 eggs at the beginning. Also, it has a chimney-thing with a face on the end. A V4 has 1 egg all the time and has a ball-thing sticking up. A V3 has a short stub instead of a ball or chimney, and the stub is about even with the top of the tamagotchi. So chimney 3 eggs is V5, ball is V4, and stub is V3. Hope this helps!

You can't connect it to previous versions (4.5 and below) You can how ever, connect it to another v5, a v.5 or a music star (v6) To connect with a v5/v.5 press A 5 times, then B, then select "V5" on both tamagotchis and then select game and press B. They must be at least 10 Cms apart. To connect to a V6, you press A 5 times on the V5 and A 8 times on a music star, on the V5, select V5, then game and on music star, press other, then press B on the V5. I hope this helped!^^

A Tamagotchi can be any age to connect.

Unfortunately, no. I hope they make a tamagotchi that can befriend any version, though. A v3, I think, can connect and befriend a v4 though, if that helps. Please rate and recommend!!

As far as I know, you CAN'T connect a V4.5 Tamagotchi with a V5 Tamagotchi. That is because of the number of Tamagotchi's displayed- Since the V5 usually has 3 Tamas displayed, and all the Versions before the V5 have only one tamagotchi displayed, the cannot connect. BUT, a V5 can connect with a V5, V5.5 and a V6! The V4 can connect with all the previous versions, including the V4.5. Hope I helped! BTW (by the way) I'm sorry but there is no 5.5, and v6 can only connect with V. 5 heh........ don't you just press 'others' when u connect

Go to the heart icon on your Tamagotchi and select PC. Then log on to Click on the type of Tamagotchi you have (v3 ,v4, v4.5, or v5).there is no PC on the heart icon. it is on the door icon up above

All you need to do is that just downloadFacebook chat for nokia symbian s60 v3/v5Facebook Chat Touch is a free apps for Symbian s60 v3 and Symbian s60 v5 phones which allows you to login to your Facebook Chat securely without using any intermediate gateway/server.

no. v5 is only with v5. sorry buddy. --mewMew

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