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yes through s-video card projector can connect to laptop

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You will have to get a VGA and RCA cable. You can connect the VGA cable from your laptop to a VGA/RCA adapter, and the RCA from the adapter to the projector.

If you TV has output connection, then you can get cables to connect your TV to your projector. For example I have a TV with RCA video and audio outputs, I use 3 RCA cables and then I connect them to my RCA inputs into my projector. My projector has a small speaker, so most of the time I just connect the video cable.

Look on the side or the back of your machine for a SVIDEO out port. If it the SVIDEO out cable that connects to your TV's or projector's RCA-in. You can also buy what is called a VGA adapter. This is a much better device as it is a multi-port device and it plugs into your VGA port of your machine...normally blue in color where you connect a monitor to) on the side or back of machine. The VGA adapter connects VGA-in and RCA-out to TV or projector. Both these items are available. SVIDEO cable selling for R135 VGA Adapter selling for R800 Prices above is in South African Rand: Order:

Connect one end of the cable to the TV and the other end to the headphone jack on the computer.

You would need a usb video capture device.

All you need to get is a VGA to RCA adapter. you can get it here: The sound problem, I'll let you deal with.

It would depend on what kind of outputs your laptop has and what kind of inputs your Television has. If you have a HDMI output on your computer, but only RCA inputs on your television you'd have to find a converter from HDMI to RCA.

If your surround receiver has 2 HDMI inputs, connect both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 to the receiver with HDMI cables, and then connect the HDMI output of the receiver to the television. Simply connect the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the A/V inputs whether they are HDMI, Component, S video, RCA A/V, ETC. It does not matter if it is 480i 720 or 1080P as long as it is a Projector TV and not just a projector

The easy way is to just buy a mini-jack to RCA cable. Something like $1 cost.

purchase a 5.1 sound card & 3.5mm jack to rca converter wires 3 in numbers ,then you can easily connect Philips 2200 with your hp laptop. link for sound card: link for 3.5mm jack to rca:

Well, I would recommend purchasing VGA to RCA connector wires or lines because they offer a variety of services and features. They also offer their products for an incredibly reasonable price.

An RF modulator takes signal from an analog input such as Red/White/Yellow RCA, and '"Modulates" the signal into something that is usable by Coaxial.An RF De-Modulator does the opposite, it takes the modulated RF signal from a Coaxial cable and decodes it if you will into an analog input such as RCA or SVideo.Modulator- RCA to CoaxDeModulator- Coax to RCA

There are generally speaking USB Cards which you can use to capture analog video from an RCA or SVIDEO but keep in mind this will be an analog to digital conversion. So you'll be loosing some quality in the capture. It is not idea but it can be done. Check with your local stores. Ask for a USB video capture device.

You can't. HDMI is digital. RCA is analog (component or composite).

If your tv has RCA out, use that. If not, you could use an external digital cable tuner and connect that to your soundbar .

If your TV had a VGA port you can connect it by using a VGA cord "standard monitor cable". If not you can use an S-video cable to RCA. Both of these methods do not do sound, you will need an audio cable for that.

Yes, as long as your Epson projector has an HDMI slot, or if you use an HDMI-to-VGA adaptor (an HDMI-to-RCA Video adaptor can work as well).

The VGA port on a laptop is an output port, not input. Besides, the Wii cannot output via VGA anyway. If you want to capture video from the Wii and display it on your laptop, you will need to purchase a video capture card with RCA input.

When you connect to your RCA plug connection at the back of a TV sometimes you need to set your TV to a different source than the ant or cable that is normally printed by the RCA plugs. They also have to be the inputs and not the outputs

It depends on what you want to connect to it. RCA - RCA or RCA - SCART or S-Video cable (not used that often any more)

hook up ur vcr to the projector with rca cables then pulg the cable into the vcr and then switch the vcr to screen mode

RadioShack and bestbuy and other electronic specialty stores, have s-video coverters, that can allow you to plug in through RF or RCA.

If you are using HDMI for display, connect also the RCA cables the PS3 comes with, and connect to them the x12 rca adapter. Then go to settings and audio settings, and tell the Playstation to play sound through the RCA cables.

Connect Laptop to Stereo with a Y cable from the headphone jack of the laptop to the red and white plugs on the back of the stereo system.· Purchase a 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) mini-jack to RCA cable. It looks like a "Y." This cable will allow you to use the single output jack on your laptop to connect to the left and right inputs on your stereo receiver.· Plug the single-end mini-jack into the headphone or speaker output jack on your laptop.· Plug the two RCA ends into your stereo receiver input jacks. Use an input such as "Aux." The cable should be color-coded (red and white) for easy matching with the right and left input jacks.· Change the receiver to the input mode that you used (i.e. "Aux").· Select files on your laptop and play. You're now ready to enjoy MP3s from your laptop on your stereo system.

To connect your iPod to your hifi you will need a 3.5mm to 2 RCA cable. There should be either white and red, or black and red RCA sockets on your equipment where you plug this into.