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== == You still have to appear in court, on the "court date" shown on the ticket, and argue the facts about the incorrect information. Approach the Prosecutor, before court starts, and show the ticket, and ask, POLITELY, for it to be "with-drawn". He/she will decide to proceed or not.

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Q: Can you contest a ticket in NJ if the officer wrote the wrong city and zip code on your ticket?
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Can a traffic ticket be thrown out it the officer wrote the wrong drivers license number on it in Wisconsin?

Yes, it can!

Just got a speeding ticket. The cop wrote down the wrong car model and checked the wrong time box. The infraction happened in the am and he checked pm Can you fight it because of this?

Yes. My sister got a ticket for speeding, but the officer had written down the wrong speed limit. She wrote to the court for the ticket and had the ticket waived.

Can a ticket be dismissed if officer wrote wrong vehicle in KY?

In Kentucky the vehicle name is not going to invalidate the ticket. The make and model is not critical to the nature of the violation.

If an Officer wrote wrong drivers license number on ticket is it a void ticket?

I have the same question! I was looking over the ticket I got last night and realized the officer clearly wrote a 9 as the last number in my drivers license number and the last number of my drivers license number is really a 3...I really hope this makes the ticket void.

I was locked up for DUI and the officer wrote the wrong vehicle information on the ticket. What can I do?

You should consult with an attorney who does DUI cases in your area. The ticket could probably be challenged but you need expert help.

I got a ticket a couple of weeks ago and the police officer wrote down the wrong time which was am not pm the wrong race and the wrong sex Should I fight the ticket?

Probably not. Generally, minor clerical errors don't invalidate a traffic citation. Besides, you showing up in court to fight the ticket is pretty much proof as to who got it.

Can an officer stop you for speeding and said he will not give you a ticket but does and never told you how fast you were driving untils the ticket is wrote out can he do this?


You got a parking ticket but the officer wrote down the licence plate number wrong in the state of Maryland. He mistyped it by one digit. Instead of a B it was a D. What should you do?

If he doesn't have your correct license number, he doesn't have the correct information about you. Right? I'd ignore the ticket. Stupid officer.

You received a ticket and the officer did not right what the ticket was for other then a citation and then wrote the wrong court date is this dismissible?

If you show up in court on the date written on the ticket and the officer is not there to prosecute the ticket the judge SHOULD dismiss it. On the other hand, if YOU failed to show up on that date, you were probably found guilty in absentia. As for the other part of the question - it is unknown what you mean by ".. did not write what the ticket was for other than a citation."

Does a ticket get dismissed if the officer doesn't appear in court in New Jersey?

As far as i know, if the officer who wrote the ticket doesnt show up to your court date, the fine as well as the points of the ticket are dismissed, its as if you never were pulled over.

Can the ticket be dismissed if the wrong state is written down for the license plate as it is a Florida plate but the officer wrote down Minnesota?

No. The issue is a minor one and if all the other information is correct, the name of the driver, plate number etc. the ticket is valid.

Can you a reckless driving ticket if you were not pulled over?

yes if you were caught by a traffic camera or a police officer who was not in a vehicle was able to get your plate number and wrote the ticket.

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