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Yes, you should keep taking the Birth Control as scheduled on the calendar regardless of any bleeding.


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continue to have babies until you die

If you have vommitted, you are no longer safe. Use a condom for the rest of the month until you get your period and start your new strip. be careful!

You start taking the pill at the end of your period, and then, yes you will not have a period again until the break in the pill.

Right around the time they get their period, and they will likely continue to grow until the girl is about 18.

Yes, but for girls, most will only continue growing for about two years after their first period. Boys can continue to grow until they are 19 or 20.

Being on the contraceptive pill has its side effects, sore nipples being one of them... it messes your hormones up for a while until you get used to it. This could be a reason?!

If you stopped taking them after a week you should start your period in three to five days. If you are 7 days into a new packet you probably won't start your "period" until the week you take the inactive pills.

No. If you're working, you're accruing pay that will be paid at the end of a period. You are "Working."

If you are on the contraceptive pill, such as Microgynon or similar, you may on a rare occasion experience a yellow discharge during periods. Some contraceptive pills can cause a woman to miss her period. In fact, it's common medical advice that you STOP taking the contraceptive pill around the time of your period, to allow a natural menstrual cycle, then go back onto the pill afterwards, obviously avoiding sex until you do. The yellow discharge in this case would be caused by a hormonial imbalance, caused by a missed period as a result of the contraceptive pill. As stated above, contraceptive pills should ideally not be taken during your menstrual period. In fact, doctors in the UK will refuse to continue to prescribe the pill to patients who do not take a break from it during menstrual periods. However, if the discharge increases and is followed by soreness and itching, it's likely to be thrush, which is a bacterial infection common in women who do not perform proper hygienic cleaning of their genitals, particularly after sex. See a doctor, they can give you either a cream to insert in the vagina or a pill to swallow, which will clear up the infection. Avoid sex until the infection clears. Thrush is NOT a sexually transmitted disease, just a bacterial infection. If it continues either way, see a doctor. There's no need to be embarrassed, they deal with these things every day.

After 8 to 10 days of your missed period. You have enough time to decide about to terminate or continue the pregnancy. It does not take months after missed period.

Follow your prescribing doctor's instructions. If that is not the directions they had given you, don't proceed with your new plan until your doctor verifies that it is OK.

It is nothing to be concerned about. That is pretty normal for females. Males continue to grow for a longer period of time (even up until their 20's).

HIV does not prevent women from having periods. If a woman was getting periods before getting HIV, periods are likely to continue until menopause.

Yes. Even though you start your period you should continue taking the pill until you don't have any left. Then take the next pill pack. Your period can start in the middle of the pack, and it is normal.

Well yeah. If you are on birth control, when you have your "period" or bleeding, you continue with the sugar pills until it is time for a new pack. But if you have not started using birth control yet you wait until the Sunday after your period and then take your first pill, this is called "the Sunday start"

Once there is an embryo implanted in the uterus, hormonal changes stop the lining of the uterus from coming away as a period. Because the woman is pregnant, she does not ovulate the next month. Her cycle stops completely until she gives birth, and many women do not get another period until after they stop breastfeeding.

You can get the drug norethisterone from your doctor, this is a progesterone pill so prevents the progesterone drop that would normally trigger menstruation. Take from around three days before your period and continue to take until you want your period to start.

I believe it could be possible, because for the first month of a new contraceptive you're susceptible to pregnancy. Continue to use condoms until you've been on your birth control for a month. Don't do anything that could harm your body, until you know that you're not pregnant. See your doctor for a follow-up.

If you have your period and you go in the shower.. your period will stop until you get out of the shower. I don't know why, but you can't have your period when you're in water. ** Your period can and will continue when you are in water! Taking a shower will not hurt you while you are on your period. True, it doesn't actually stop.. but for most young ladies, the flow doesnt come out in water. This does not mean that you should rely on water to stop your period.. if you ever go swimming, make sure to use a tampon.

It can vary from hours to days or weeks. The volcano will continue to spew lava or ash until either the pressure is relieved in its magma chamber, or until enough rock hardens to form a new cap or dome on top of it. Some volcanoes can erupt several times a year, or regularly over a period of several years, until reaching a period of relative stability (dormancy).

You should start the birth control pill on the day the contraceptive implant is removed. If you do so, use a backup method of birth control until you've taken seven pills correctly.

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