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Depends on what it is. Most appliances don't care. Motors will spin at a slightly different speed, but otherwise you are safe connecting a 50Hz appliance to a 60Hz supply. Perhaps, but in many circuits, it makes no difference. The frequency has no effect on simple resistive circuits such as incandescent lights or heaters. Anything with a transformer in it will run hotter. Motors will run hotter too. In either case, the difference between 50Hz and 60Hz is less than 20% and unless you plan on running the appliance non-stop for a long period of time, it really makes no difference.

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Q: Can you convert a 120V 50Hz appliance to a 120V 60hz appliance?
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How can you convert US 120V or 240V circuit into a single-phase 240V circuit to use on a European appliance?

The voltage isn't a problem, you can run 220 from your house and use that to run a European appliance, the problem is whether the appliance is dependant on line HZ. European is 50HZ and US is 60HZ. If the appliance specifies 220/50HZ, it will probably give you trouble here. If it says 220V/50 or 60HZ

How do you convert electrical of 50hz to 60hz?


Can you convert a 120v 50hz electric shaver to operate on 60hz?

Running it on 60hz will just make the motor spin faster. This may not be a problem, and if it is, it will probably only be one of personal preference.

Will a 220v 50hz inverter work on 120v 60hz?

No, 120 v is not enough.

What will happen to 60hz rated appliance if it is run on 50hz supply?

It will likely overheat if not rated for 50Hz operation.

Will a 220v 60Hz appliance opperate with a power supply of 240v 50Hz?

It must state on the appliance, that it will work at 240v, 50hz. If it does not clearly state it on the name plate, damage to the appliance will occur.

Will a 120v 60hz tv work on a 120v 50hz power supply?

Depends if the Tv has an internal cirquit to adapt on both frequencies.

How can you convert a 220v 50hz generator to a 220v 60hz?

you can't

How do you convert 50Hz to 60Hz Air Circuit Breaker?

You don't.

Would saudi 220v 60hz appliance work on malaysia 240v 50hz?


Hi I'm a barber. can i buy a transformer that can give an output of 120V and at 60HZ in England. Its for my clippers and trimmers. Is there such thing?

You can get a transformer that converts the UK's 230V power to 120V, but you cannot get a transformer that will convert from 50Hz to 60Hz. Often, US equipment can work, except that they will work hotter and less efficiently on the 50Hz power. Consult your clipper and trimmer documentation - you may find that it will work just fine on 50Hz.

Can you use UK appliances in the us?

Not unless the appliance is rated to be used with the two different power supplies. The US uses 120v, 60 Hz if it plugs into a receptacle, and possibly 240v, 60Hz if it is hard wired. The UK uses 240v, 50Hz whether it plugs in or is hard wired. These two power systems are NOT compatible. You may use a US appliance in the UK, and vice versa, only if the appliance is dual rated, i.e. the appliance says 120v/60Hz AND 240v/50Hz on the nameplate. If the appliance only specifies one power supply, it can only be used on that power supply. If this is the case, you may be able to use a travel adapter to operate the appliance.

How do you convert 60hz into 50hz?

We can convert the 60 Hz wave into 50 Hz by using the CYCLOCONVERTER.

How do you convert to 60hz 50hz?

You used to need a motor-generator set, but now you can do it electronically.

Will a 115V 60Hz work in a 120V 60Hz power supply?

Yes, 115V 60Hz will work in a 120V 60Hz power supply.

Will a kitchen aid mixer 120v 60hz run on 120v 50hz?

This is hard to say as it is up to the manufacture as to whether it is compatible. on the specification plate it should state the operating frequencies. if i had to say yes or no and the appliance is the latest model i would say yes it is compatible as these days manufactures allow for those tolerances.

How does 50hz and 60hz differ from one another?

50 cycles/sec is 50Hz and 60cycles/sec is 60Hz

Will a stepdown transformer which converts 240V AC to 120V AC concurrently convert 50Hz to 60Hz?

T/F works without any change in frequency.... Er. K Godiyal. email:

Can 120vac at 50 60hz power work with 240vac at 50hz appliance?

No, equipment designed for 240 v does not work properly on 120 v.

How many watts in 120v-60Hz?

You need amps

What happens to 120v 60hz motor when connected to 220v 50hz?

The motor will run very fast and eventually smoke will come out of it. When the coils burn open, the motor will stop.

Convert 220V 50hz to 120V 60hz?

use a DC link. power electronics stuff !! so in this DC link you convert the ac 50 hz to dc than convert back this dc to 60 hz with different voltage by controlling the amplitude modulation of the it..;)You can now purchase a frequency converter capable of converting both the voltage from 220v(+/-10%) 50Hz to 110v 60Hz and the Hz. This unit was primarily designed for the use in American RV's sold into Europe, there is also now a 2 phase model offering 2 x 3KVA on each phase at 60Hz.See related links below

Is majora's mask Pal in 60Hz?

No 50Hz

Can you operate a 50hz microwave on 60hz?

Yes, you can.

Will a 220v 50hz work in a 115v 60hz?