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Yes, crab apples can be used to make apple jelly. They are not suitable to make apple sauce, pies or other food.

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Many rodents eat crab apples. Deer, rabbits, raccoons, and other plant eating animals eat crab apples. Other creatures eat crab apples too, like worms.

In North America, crab apples are harvested in late summer or fall.

Buy crab cook it and serve it....

There are many species of apple, many of them are green. Some of those are quite sweet, others are sour. The sourest apple is probably a species of crab apple - and many of them are red.

4 cups of whole crab apples is one pound

green apples are sour, but red apples are ripe *green apples might not be sour, im not sure *red apples are good

Apples can be red, yellow, or green.

Buy a crab and a cake and stuff it

The cast of Green Apples - 1915 includes: Webster Campbell as Dr. Herbert Astor Neva Gerber as Madeline Selfridge Lucille Ward as Sally - the Cook

Granny always said to pick the crab apples after the first hard frost. I do this every year and have not been disappointed in the flavor.

Red crab apples can make you sick. If you don't allow them to ripen then you risk getting diarrhea and nauseous.

In my opinion, the 2 best ways to cook crab meat is either broil or steam it.

Giving Gerbils green apples is a BIG no-no. The green apples are too sour for them, and can kill them.

Crab apples can be picked in mid August to the beginning of September. They ripen at the same time as standard apple trees.

Bake the apples with cinnamon and brown sugar

There is a simple way to determine when to pick crab apples. If they go bright red, then wait til they are their reddest. If not, wait til the first has fallen from the tree, then start picking. It might be that the green ones go yellow - or have a ripeness about them. So, go for those.

yes but is really sour

No, they just taste bitter.

you feed it crab apples :D

not all green apples are sour and not all red apples are sweet. it all depends upon the variety. i recommed slightly light green golden delicious apples as they are green and are still sweet.

Some apples are red when they are ripe and some are green when they are ripe. Neither type is "better for you" than the other. Those apples that are red when ripe are often green when they are not ripe. Eating those kinds of green apples (unripe apples) is not good for you. That is the only sense in which red apples are "better for you" than green apples.

berries on a flowering crab tree (Malus) are apples and are not posonous.

Green apples are green because they reflect green light and absorb other lights of the color spectrum.

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