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Can you copy Pokemon on platinum?


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Pokemon can be copied on Pokemon Platinum. But to do it you need an action replay.

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You can, but you need a copy of Pokemon diamond, pearl, Platinum.

You go ask someone at the store and ask to pre order Pokemon platinum.DO NOT LOSE THE BILL OR YOU CAN'T GET POKEMON PLATINUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you can them them to diamond/pearl/platinum but not to battle revolution :( But there is a way round this... You have to trade your Pokemon to diamond/pearl/platinum then you can copy to revolution :) And if you want you can trade back to soulsilver :)

Do you mean trade from Diamond to Platinum?? If so, you need two ds's and a copy of each, sorry bad answer.

Focus Punch appears as the TM01 in Pokemon Platinum. You can find a copy of TM01 deep inside Oreburgh Gate.

when on the Pokemon battle revolution menu, select storage and select copy Pokemon then turn on the ds, the connect to wii option should be there

There is no way of getting a Charizard in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. You can transfer a Charmander from Fire Red to your copy of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. A Charmander, Charmillion and Charizard can all be found in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver as a wild pokemon.

MurKrow cannot be found in Pokemon Platinum. To get MurKrow you need to trade with a copy of Pokemon Diamond. In Pokemon Diamond MurKrow appears in Eterna Forest and the Lost tower at nighttime.

You can't transfer Pokemon from Battle Revolution to a game like Platinum, but only copy the Pokemon from the game to Battle Rev. Each save file on Battle Rev will support one game like Platinum.

Copy your team with infernape in it from Diamond Pearl or Platinum

I don't know, but if u go to how do i dupicate Pokemon on dimond and platnium, u will find the answer.

Yes.If it doesent accept then you create a new profile.It happened to me before trust me.

No. You would have to transfer your Pokemon to a copy of Diamon/Pearl/Platinum using the pal-park first.

You can't. Where did this start? actually u can there is this like code thing u have to do on the buttons its on pk cheats on google type in pk platinum cloning codes

no there isn't SRRY but if you have a Wii and look for any Pokemon to copy just turn on Platinum and select CONNECT TO Wii

It's not possible, you have to buy a copy in English to play in that language.

You can migrate it from a copy of Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver.

You can't get the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum.

Pokemon Platinum has more Pokemon so in my opinion Pokemon Platinum is better.

There is no rental Pokemon in in Pokemon platinum

You cant get Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to platinum!

how to get a togepi in Pokemon platinum

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