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Can you cover the smell of alcohol on your breath?

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Yes, by using breath mints, Elderberries, mouthwash, etc. However, this will not prevent the detection of alcohol by a Breathalyzer.

Roses are red

with stems of green

your breath smells bad

use more Listerine

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How much alcohol makes your breath smell?

One regular drink containing an ounce of alcohol will make your breath smell.

What kind of alcohol does not smell?

Vodka does not smell on your breath after drinking it

What alcohol does not smell on breath?

try gin

Since alcohol addiciction is dangerous Is it okay to SMELL alcohol?

Is it okay to breath air?

What medicines may cause an alcohol smell on your breath?


Can you use onion garlic or lemon to kill the smell of alcohol on your breath?

the direct answer is can use things to mask or cover up the smell of alcohol (gum, mints or I guess garlic) but alcohol is absorbed into the blood. Your lungs absorb oxygen from the air you breath and expels carbon dioxide when you exhale. Likewise the alcohol in your blood does produce a smell of alcohol in the air you exhale. This will continue until your body metabolizes the alcohol in you're blood. So yes you can convert it up but you can't "kill" or eliminate it.

Can you use chewing tobacco to hide alcohol on your breath?

You can't hide the smell of alcohol dude.

Can you cover the smell of weed on your breath?

The smell of cigarette smoke will always overpower the smell of marijuana smoke. Or you could just chew gum or eat breath mints.

How long does the alcohol stay in the breath?

It depends on how much you drink. if you dont want the alcohol smell on your breath, drink vodka because there is little aftersmell with that.

How can you get the smell of alcohol off your breath?

Just stop drinking alcohol and brush your teeth but mostly the tongue.

How do you get alcohol out of breath?

The odor of an alcoholic beverage on the breath will dissipate with time. It's also possible to cover the odor with breath mints, mouthwash, etc. However, doing so will not prevent the detection of the alcohol in an alcohol breath test.

What can make your breath smell like alcohol and why?

Diabetes is one cause, does it smell like nail polish remover?

What covers the smell of alcohol?

Garlic could cover the smell of alcohol. Frankly, I think the large amounts of garlic eaten would work only because nobody will want to come close enough to smell the alcohol.

Can Listerine breath strips effect Breathalyzer results?

No. Breathalyzers measure the amount of alcohol per unit volume. Breath strips only change the smell of the air, not the alcohol content.

Is there an alcohol drink that is not detectable on one's breath?

The way alcohol is detectable on breath is because air in the lungs is absorbing alcohol from the bloodstream, therefore there is no way to beat a breathalyzer. If you mean is there alcohol that cannot be "smelled" then yes because there are flavored drinks that you wouldn't be able to smell the alcohol.

Do alcoholic beverages have a smell?

Yes. You can smell alcohol in just about every beverage the contains it. Police officers often give breathalyzers because the can smell the alchol in a persons breath.

Can you have drinks but after every glass wash your mouth out with mouth wash?

You can, but it won't change the alcohol concentration in your blood, and it won't hide the smell of alcohol on your breath.

How to cover vodka breath?

The smell of alcohol does not come from the inside of your mouth, rather it comes from your stomach. Covering the smell of Vodka with mints or mouth wash would only be temporary at best. If you are just trying to avoid mom or dad from catching the odor, you might get away with breath mints but don't think this will fool a police officer making a traffic stop. Traffic officers will alert to the breath mint smell for what it is and assume you are trying to mask the fact you have been drinking.

Does alcohol make you smell?

Alcohol makes your mouth stink so if you were drunk and police pulled you over and gave you a breath test they would find out if you have been drinking or not.

Can you smell your own breath?

you can smell your own breath if you get a spoon and scrape your tonge with the spoon and then wait for it to dry and then smell it...:)

How do you use your nose to smell?

we breath in and breath out

How do you avoid smell after drinking rum?

Peanuts are amazing when it comes to masking alcohol breath. You can also eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

Detect an alcoholic?

An alcoholic can be detected through their actions and by the smell of alcohol on their breath. A urine or blood test can also detect alcoholism.

Why can you not smell but breath through your nose?

this is a trick question you can smell thru your nose and breath thru it

How to spell alcohol?

The correct spelling is alcohol.An example sentence is: The police officer could smell alcohol on the driver's breath.Another example sentence is: We have decided to ban alcohol on the premises.