Can you craft mounts on wizard101?

No, you cannot craft mounts on Wizard101. But you can craft clothes, furniture, and now a new Grizzleheim house! Hopefully soon you will be able to craft mounts. But I would think that you will only be able to craft the brooms, because how can you craft a dragon or a tiger or a horse??

Another person:

There are two Craft-able mounts in Wizard101. Both can be bought by, "Billy Piper," in every B.O.X.E.S dungeon that is available at a select number of times, every year. There are also two more houses that can be crafted, aside from the one mentioned by the person above me. The Wyrd house in Avalon, and the Treetop Getaway in Azteca. Maybe, in the future, we'll be able to craft pets, ah? No, we cannot craft pets, yet.