Wizard 101 (game)

Wizard 101 is a very popular online role-playing game where players become students at a wizarding school where they can cast spells and battle different creatures. The game was developed by KingsIsle Entertainment and was first launched in September 2008.

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Wizard 101 (game)

What is the best pet in Wizard101?

I think either the unicorn or dragon.


A different opinion: It depends. If you can afford Crowns, I'd go with the Jade Oni. That's what my main character has. But there are many other excellent choices.

The best pet for your wizard might also depend on your School of Focus. I especially like the Jade Oni pet because for some reason (unlike the Jade Oni you fight in Mooshu, which uses Life magic), it is a Balance pet, and offers a pretty good-quality spell which may come in handy if you are not a Balance wizard.


the wizard101 central wiki has an extensive list of pets which I would suggest you check out. Really it all depends on how you feel about hatching, how much gold you have, what level you are, and how willing you are to train your pet

Wizard 101 (game)

How do you change quests on wizard 101?

Make sure you have quest helper on first, you can check by pressing escape (ESC) and clicking on the first joystick icon. There will be something that says Quest Helper and either on or off. If it's off just turn it on.

Then you open up your spellbook and go the quest page, and its icon looks like a feather pen and some paper, (you can also open to this page by pressing the "q" key on your keyboard) and click the quest you want to track or change to.

Wizard 101 (game)

How do you send what you want to say on wizard 101?

First, you must get text chat in accounts on the website. login using parental control password. configure. allow text chat and/or open chat. get into the game. press enter. say something. (Text chat= allows you to say words in dictionary. auto for ages 13 plus if birth is entered. Open chat= allows you to say just about anything. auto for ages 18 plus if birth is entered.) press enter again.

Wizard 101 (game)

How do you change the pet's name on Wizard 101?

If you want to change your pet's name, visit Darla's dye shop in the shopping district and click on the last icon with a collar. Good Day!

Wizard 101 (game)

Where is the dye shop in wizard 101?

Shopping district in Wizard City.

Wizard 101 (game)

How do you beat krokotopia in wizard 101?

you have to defeat krokopatra in the temple of storms

Wizard 101 (game)

Wizard 101 how may rooms are in grayscale tower?

There are 4 floors but the fourth is the father drake room

Cheat Codes
Wizard 101 (game)

How do you get free crowns without a cheat engine in wizard 101?

Invite friends using their invite a friend program. for every friend you invite who buys $6 or more worth of crowns or membership, you and them will get free crowns! Also, there are many survey sites………if you're willing to do the time and give out an email to almost every company on the planet…………if you do this, make a gmail that you will never go on with a fake name. you need no personal info whatsoever to make a google account :P

Wizard 101 (game)

Where in Triton avenue is crab alley in wizard 101?

ok so you know that girl thats storm? (needs you to find her bro and kill the harvest lord) ok so go down the first bridge then you see a tree on the left that sort of looks like torrence? well the should be a rope there when crab alley is out. if not then there should be a empty space

By: Vanessa life brezze

Wizard 101 (game)

Is wizard 101 crowns generator v3 legal?

no, you are pirating in game advantages and therefore stealing kingsisle's source of revenue. That is assuming it even works. I would think it is a scam and probably contains some viruses, but even if it doesn't it is illegal and unethical.

Wizard 101 (game)

Who invented wizard 101?

J. Todd Coleman created wizard101.

Wizard 101 (game)

How do you choose your school in wizard 101?

When merle ambrose tells you to take a test there will be a question but if you look around the screen there will be some words that say skip the test you click it and choose your own school i sticked with mine tho mine is fire

Wizard 101 (game)

What is the password for the wizard101 crown gen?


Wizard 101 (game)

Can you get wizard 101 gift card at Walmart?

yes you can, it's $10. you can find it in the electronics section next to all the other MMO cards

And, now you can get the Hawkrider's Bundle with a High Flying Hawk mount, a hawk pet, teleport tapestry to the Bazaar, and Hawkriders clothes for $39.

Wizard 101 (game)

How do you unlock Triton avenue on wizard 101?

You have to defeat Lady Blackhope in Unicorn Way then you will gain access.

Wizard 101 (game)

Where can you get a multiplayer mount on wizard 101?

They come in many places.

Rino mount- in Super Bundle

Blood Raven- you have a chance to get it in ravens hoard pack

Malorian Dragon- in Majestic Bundle

Scareadactyl- in Prehistoric bundle

Wizard 101 (game)

What does a twenty dollar wizard 101 gift card give you in wizard 101?

10,000 crowns or 2 month membership with a free pet

Online Jobs
Wizard 101 (game)

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Wizard 101 (game)

How far can you get without crowns in wizard 101?

You dont need to spend any crowns in the game to be the best! You will have to pay a membership fee but its cheap.

Wizard 101 (game)

How do you get no fizzles on wizard101?

Yes, there is. It's complicated though and the trick takes a long time too. I'll give you an example, so if you are duelinga hard Boss and don't want to fizzle or your at a 1v1 Arena Battle, this trick will work for about 3-5 Turns. The Storm Class or Secondary Class,(Even 3rd Class),will fizzle 70 percent of the time while your in battle. After a while you end up fighting the boss and you won't fizzle for 3-5 Rounds! You won't fizzle because you already have! In other words, the longer you stay in a battle the more likely you are to fizzle less.

Here is a Fizzle Chart of mine:

1 Fizzle:75% Chance of Next Spell not Fizzling

2 Fizzles:85% Chance of Next Spell not Fizzling

3-5 Fizzles:95% of not Fizzling

5-Above (Probably will not happen):99% chance of not Fizzling

You can also increase your accuracy with the right spells, gear and pet talents. It's possible to have an 80-90%,( I'm not talking about the card itself here), accuracy but something else might suffer, like defense or offense, as a result. You can make wizards with a better accuracy like Life,(90%), Ice,(80%) or balance.(85%)

Wizard 101 (game)

What do you do if wizard 101 says error what do you do?

dont talk

Wizard 101 (game)

What level do you get a mount on wizard 101?

you dont have to be a specific level. and you dont get a FREE mount unless you win a contest kingsisle is promoting. you can buy mounts from the crown shop. for crowns, some mounts may be bought with gold

Wizard 101 (game)

How do you get into winter tusk on wizard 101?

You have to go to grizzleheim, then press M and look for the bear that's next to zeke and that old lady, then go to him and you'll see a boat then press x ( winter tusk is not free )

You have to also finish all the other areas in Grizzleheim to have access to Wintertusk.

Wizard 101 (game)

How do you get he epic face on roblox?

It was from the gift "Friendly gift of facebox connect". It was already opened.

Wizard 101 (game)

What is the best character in Wizard 101?

It all depends on what kind of player you are. Taking the quiz at the beginning of the game can help you determine what school fits your personality. Besides, there is no "best" school. Each school has it's Pros. and Cons.


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