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Q: Can you create backups of your DVD's legally and if so what programs support it?
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At what age group one can create Gmail acc legally?

you can create a gmail account legally at the age of 18

How can you legally download songs to your PC?

Filetopia and Ares are two music and video sharing programs, all you have to do is download it (its free) and create a share file with your music.

How does one make an animated GIF file?

There are many programs and applications that provide support for creating GIF files such as Jasc Animation Shop and Photoshop. Using these programs, you can create GIF files from your images.

Programs with which you can create or make changes to existing files are?

Editing programs

What kind of programs did the federal government create during the depression?

Work programs

What do Spreadsheet programs create?

financial presentations

Should programmers create programs that are useful to themselves and other people?

Why would they create programs if it won't even be useful for themselves...Ofcourse they should create programs that are useful to themselves and other people..that's why programming is invented for advantages....

What programs can create computer animation?

Poser Pro 2010 3D is one of the most popular computer animation programs that are available. This programs allows you to create an animation on your computer within minutes.

For what visual basic is used?

To create computer programs

What programs are used to create databases?

Microsoft Access

What programs can be used to create a database?

query language

If you were collecting child support from your husband before you got married and now are separated but not legally will you get in trouble if the marriage was never reported to the courts?

If you didn't apply for a marriage license, you didn't get married in the eyes of the law. But that has nothing to do with child support. Child support is just that - support from the biological father for the child he helped to create. His responsibility to that child has nothing to do with marital status. If you did not go through the courts to get this support and you are worried that it won't continue, you need to take it to court and make his obligation to your child legally binding.

How do marketers create wants?

marketers can create wants ? support your ans

What tools did they use to create the apple iPad?

CAD programs, Eletronic circuit board design programs, 3D modelling programs.

When should files be archived and how can they be archived on a computer?

Files should be archived as often as possible. Backup programs (of which there are many to choose from) are used to create archives. Backups can be made to a variety of storage mediums including removable drives and optical discs (CD, DVD or BluRay). Removable drives are the best option in terms of storage capacity and speed and they allow backups to be kept off-site which provides an additional measure of security in the event of fire or flood damage, for instance. Cloud-based backups are also an option for maintaining off-site backups. If you have a lot of data, a RAID system makes sense as they can be used to create automatic backups by duplicating files across two or more discs. If one disc fails, the other will keep you up and running until the faulty disc is replaced. However, if both should fail (which can happen), you'll be glad you made an off-site backup. Indeed, it's good practice to have several levels of redundancy, combining a RAID with an on-site backup in a fire-proof safe, an off-site backup in a dedicated data storage facility and a cloud-based backup for when all else fails. How often you backup is entirely dependant upon how much you are prepared to lose should disaster strike. We've all had those occasions when we've been working on a lengthy document and suddenly the power goes out, losing an hours worth of work. While there are measures we can take to minimise the loss, it is nonetheless frustrating. But when a disk fails, an hours worth of work is the least of your worries; you might lose days, weeks, even months of work, depending on when you last made a backup. So it's vital that you make regular backups. It's also important to make system backups as well as data backups. System backups only need to be done after making a change to the system, such as when updating software or adding new programs but restoring a system from backup is many times quicker than re-installing from scratch. System backups don't need to be done as often as data backups but you should always have at least one full backup of the system and another of the data. Thereafter you can make incremental backups (recording the changes since the last backup) however full backups should be made periodically. To create an archive, you first choose which files should be part of that archive. If all your documents are in your personal folder then it's simply a matter of selecting that one folder and creating a complete backup. Keeping system files separate from your data, preferably on completely separate drives, makes it easy to create separate system and data archives, however backup programs allow you to create multiple backup configurations (or tasks) that you can easily recall. Note that every file on your system has an ARCHIVE attribute associated with it. Every time you backup a file, the ARCHIVE attribute is cleared. Every time you modify or create a file, the ARCHIVE attribute is set. This simple mechanism makes it possible to determine which files have changed since they were last backed up, thus allowing you to create incremental backups. So having selected the files you wish to backup, you simply choose a full backup or an incremental backup. Incremental backups obviously take less time to complete. A normal backup cycle requires that you make a full backup at the end of each week or at the end of each month, depending on how changeable your data is. In between these backups you will make incremental backups. However, it is important that you never overwrite the most recent backup, so always keep several volumes in rotation. For instance, if you perform weekly incremental backups with a full backup every month, it would be prudent to keep at least 3 full backups in circulation (covering the previous three months) and as many as 15 incremental backups, covering up to 5 weeks in each of those 3 months. So long as one of the three full backups works, the worst case would be losing 3 months work. This is why it is important to verify your backups as soon as you make them. It's no use making a backup if it cannot be relied upon. Backup programs normally include an option to automatically verify a backup after it is made. Above all else, if your data is vital, backup your backups with an off-site backup.

What kinds of programs can one create with Java?

One can create all kinds of programs using the programming language Java. One can create movies and animations with Java as well as video games like Runescape.

What rights does a non-married woman in Tennessee have after living with a man and contributing to their household for 15 or more years?

That type of relationship does not create any rights. If you want legal rights then you need to get legally married.That type of relationship does not create any rights. If you want legal rights then you need to get legally married.That type of relationship does not create any rights. If you want legal rights then you need to get legally married.That type of relationship does not create any rights. If you want legal rights then you need to get legally married.

What programs did Franklin Roosevelt create to help the unemployed?


How many programs did Franklin D Roosevelt create?


What programs can I use to create synthesized music?

Garage band

How do you create games in a computer?

You design and write programs for the games.

What programs did the NIRA create?

National Recovery Administration (I think)

Can you legally backup your computer software?

You can legally backup all the software on your computer. One way is to back it up onto tape. Another way is to clone the hard drive to a separate hard drive. You can also create copies (or backups) of CDs that contain software, such as Microsoft Office CDs, or Quicken finance CDs. You may not sell or give those CDs away, but only use them for archive or backup purposes.

What is the first step to protect important data on your hard drive?

Create a disk backup of your hard drive so that in case of a hard drive failure, you can restore your computer to the exact state prior to the failure. NovaBACKUP Professional will create system images, exact backups of a disk drive sector by sector, allowing you restore backups to a computer when the contents of the entire computer are lost.

How do you create a startup disk in Windows 98?

Add/Remove Programs