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Can you create planets or characters on Meteos?

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What are the ratings and certificates for Meteos - 2005 VG?

Meteos - 2005 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

What objects can been seen in the night sky?

Depends, sometimes planets, stars, meteos.. paper flying lanters that people lite up them selves, sattelites, comets, flying bats, and witches on broomsticks.

Can you create your full house on sims 3 then create the characters?

Yes, buy a lot, make the house and then create the characters. After that, move them in the house.

How do you create WWE Characters that are not on the roster?

Go to create mode, then to create a superstar.

Can you create a character on teken 6?

No, you cannot create characters

What animation style was used to create the characters in Blue's Clues?

Innovative animation was used to create the characters in Blue's Clues.

How can I create Boondocks characters?


How many characters did Shakespeare create?

I believe Shakespeare created 1,380 characters

What characters did Walt and Roy Disney create?

One of the characters was mickey mouse

How do you create more characters in MAG?

You can only create one playable character.

How do you create Super Smash Bros Melee characters?

go to create character

What happends on the planets ixchel?

The characters and in danger and Meg is nearly frozen

On smackdon vs raw 2007 can you create characters?

yes you can go to create mode and it will say create character

How do you create your character in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

You cannot create any characters.

Can you create characters on dbz raging blast 2?

You can't create your own character but you can customize characters such asGoku + Meele Attack =A Goku with a Meele Attack

Did god create the other planets?

If he did he will tell you in heaven when you die.

What does craters do to planets?

They create a hole in the planetand just stays there!

How do you create new characters on Dragon Fable?

You activate your account which gives you two new characters

What is less than 8 characters?

It is not advisable to create a password with less than 8 characters.

How are planets in the solar system classified?

planets can be classified according to the minerals that they consists and also according to the names of some of the greek mythlogy characters.

How do you create characters on rock band ps2?

you can't

What does setting create for both characters and the readers?

backdrop :)

Setting create for both characters and readers?

A backdrop

Why do astronomers create dwarf planets?

Astronomers do not create planets, they observe and study them. A "dwarf planet" is defined as large enough to be round, but too small to have cleared its orbit "neighbourhood" of other objects.

Which planets have craters on them?

Visibly - all of the terrestrial planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The Jovian, or gaseous planets have no solid surface on which to create a crater, but they can still show scars.