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Q: Can you cure cancer through nanotechnology?
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How nanotechnology works?

Nanotechnology works in two different ways, the world of molecules and the world of atoms. the two are as small as one nanometer, which is one billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology was first mentioned in the 1860's by James Clerk Maxwell in a tiny experiment called "Maxwell Demons" that was able to handle individual molecules. Nanotechnology has also been used for cancer cures and research and water nanotechnology. Nanotechnology can be used in a classification system invented by Richard Adolf Zsigmondy. He also did the first observations and measurements on nanotechnology. This is the opinoin on how Nanotechnology works.

What does nanotechnology produce?


What is ygolonhcetonan?

Nanotechnology backwards... -_-

Can hydrogen peroxide cure cancer?

No hydrogen peroxide can not cure cancer. It would be good if it could. It has been tested in a controlled medical test and did not work. The body does not create the same type of arteries, veins, and capillaries in a cancer that it does everywhere else. That makes it hard to get any type of chemical to a cancer. Cancer cells would need a hydrogen peroxide receptor for the chemical to use to enter the cell. It would be hard for hydrogen peroxide to get to the cancer and hard for it to get inside once it got there. The only chemicals that can work against cancer will be poison chemicals that mimic chemicals the cancer cells need.

How is nanotechnology used in chemistry?

nanotechnology is used in chemistry to enter the human body and get rid of the desease it was programed to get rid of

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What diseases can be cured by nanotechnology?

None yet. Nanotechnology has not developed to the point that it can cure anything.

Which type of breast cancer has not broken through the milk duct and has a cure rate of nearly a 100?

The breast cancer that has not broken through the milk duct and has a cure rate of nearly 100% is DCIS.

Was the cure for cancer discovered from animal testing?

As far as is known, no cure for cancer has been found. Many discoveries may have been made through animal testing to bring us closer to a cure.

Is there a cure for Cancer in the Amazon?

well there not a cure for it yet but there trying to make a cure for cancer

When was A Cure for Cancer created?

A Cure for Cancer was created in 1971.

Can chiropractic cure cancer?

No, chiropractic does not cure cancer. There is no "cure" for cancer at the moment. Do not believe any claims chiropractors make.

Can typhoid be transmitted to a baby through breastfeeding?

not really.breastfeeding can also cure breast cancer but obviously the baby doesn't get cancer!

Is the sea cucumber a cure for cancer?

Yes it is a cure for a type of cancer. It is also a cure for aids

Can marijuana cure cancer?

No, nothing "cures" cancer. The US. Food and Drug Administration has not approved Cannabis as a treatment for cancer or any other medical condition, although chemical components of Cannabis, called cannabinoids, activate specific receptors found throughout the body to produce pharmacological effects, particularly in the central nervous system and the immune system.Potential benefits of medicinal Cannabis for people living with cancer include antiemetic effects, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and improved sleep. Commercially available cannabinoids, such as dronabinol and nabilone, are approved for the treatment of cancer related side effects.Cannabinoids may cause anti-tumor effects by various mechanisms, including induction of cell death, inhibition of cell growth, and inhibition of tumor angiogenesis invasion and metastasis. Cannabinoids appear to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells from cell death.Unconventional cancer treatments have varying success levels on different cancers, but so do conventional treatments. As for whether you will find a qualified doctor that would prescribe (where legally allowed) marijuana as the sole cancer treatment, it is not likely. As for prescribing it in conjunction with other treatments, yes. In these circumstance it is usually used for it's anti-nausea effects and not for its cancer fighting ability. The nausea is created by chemo and radiotherapy.