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of course you can damage your vocal cords, if you are a singer and you have a soprano voice you can change your voice tone because of a cold or if you scream a lot you can cause a big damage... i know that if you have a cold you have to caugh some time and it is imposiblle not to do it but it is better if you try to do that carfully... i hope this could help you.

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Q: Can you damage your vocal cords by talking too little?
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How can you damage your vocal cords?

You can damage your vocal chords by speaking to much, yelling, or straining your voice in any way.

What is pitch controlled by?

It can be controlled by many things, but here are at least three: Length of the vocal cords. Thickness of the vocal cords. And stress on the vocal cords. That of course, it is the human body. If your talking about, say, a guitar amp, it's controlled by the little nob that says 'pitch' on it. -- J

Why do you have vocal cords?

you have vocal cords to produce your voice

Where are vocal cords are located?

the vocal cords are in the larynx

Do vocal cords produce high pitch?

it is totally dependent on who is speaking and who is the person he is talking to

What do vocal cords do to your throat?

Vocal cords help you talk.

What is the scientific name for vocal cords?

Vocal cords

What contains the vocal cords?

The larynx has two folds, the upper vestibular folds (false vocal cords) and the lower vocal cords (true vocal cords).Note: There are comments associated with this question. See the discussion page to add to the conversation.Read more: What_contains_the_vocal_cords

What is difference between male and female vocal cords?

The female vocal cords are thinner and shorter than the male vocal cords

Distinguish between the false vocal cords and true vocal cords?

False Vocal Cords are typically used in musical song, mostly in metal (deep growl or screaming), or tuvan throat singing. False vocal cords can also be used to produce a low, bass like, pitch. However without the proper knowledge of how to use false vocal cords damage can be done and the consequences may be harmful to the throat.True Vocal Cords are typically used in general speaking or can be heard when listening to most songs (non-metal). True vocal cords are used most often when talking, the pitch of true vocal cords vary from person to person, a female typically will have high pitched true vocal cords than those of a male. However vise-versa is also possible.If you are looking for a much more anatomic explanation or description, I suggest visiting wikipedia, and searching False Vocal Cords. If you are looking for a more practical explanation of distinguishing pitches and sound from either true or false vocal chords, I suggest google videos, or youtube, however youtube may not be as reliable, nor may google videos. Simply googling, "False vocal cord audio" may find the desired information.

What does the larynx contain?

yes the larynx contain 2 types of vocal cords 1st: true vocal cords ( for ur question ) 2nd: False valse vocal cords

Do female frogs have vocal cords?

they don't sing like male frogs do if that's what you're asking