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Can you delete dll files?

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  • 1.Click the start button
  • 2.Click run
  • 3.Copy the text below into the run field replacing with the .dll location and name.
  • regsvr32 /u C:\Windows\System32\dllname.dll
  • 4.Click the OK Button
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Shall idelete all the dll files in the system folder which you have sugested before?

delete all dll files you do not need them

How do you get rid of downloader cache virus?

Try Norton Antivirus to detect the random name of the dll files that downloadercache placed on your computer. Then reboot in safe mode and delete those .dll files

Are DOWNLOAD files the same as dll files?

No Download files are files that you have downloaded, normally from the interent. They can be of any type (e.g. .doc, .mp3, .dll, .exe, etc.) .dll files are Dynamic Link Libraries that are used by programs installed on your computer. Nearly all are needed for your programs to run correctly. Technically, you can download a .dll file but they aren't the same thing :) Downloading a file is something you do TO a file (like read, modify, delete, etc.). A dll file is a type of file.

How can you delete dll files from your system?

NOT a good idea. Dynamic Link Libraries are necessary for the operation of many applications.

Which language or routines used in dll files?

c# is the language for developing .dll files

How do you delete useless dll files?

dlls are never useless. You can't see them being used, but they're part of the OS.

Where DLL files stores?

Dll files are stored every dude. Did a program say that a dll failed? or a dll has an error? or cant be found? go in the My Computer and go in your hard drive. programs and files. go to the broke down program. there is were the dll would MOST likely be. But i would download a pach for the program. eather that, re download and reinstall the program.

Which program file opens DLL files?

If you understand DLL files as series of instructions to a computer that has a printer or other attached device to communicate effectively then any text reading or word processing program will open and then read DLL files

What is true program for DLL files?

C++ editor and a dll compiler, but I wouyld go with codeblocks because it has a built in dll compiler with the dll tags hope it helps :)

How do you open a dll file on vista?

DLL files are part of a program. They are opened by the program that needs them.

How do you write new dll files and edit in existing dll files?

By using Reshack software

How do you reinstall roblox?

Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs Scroll down until you see a program that is called "Roblox for" then your computer name. Click uninstall. ----------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING TO THIS ACTION DON'T DO IT. I'm use to programs having to be uninstalled, installed and reinstalled and that way always leaves extra files behind. To reinstall Roblox go to C:\Users\your user name goes here \AppData\Local and find the Roblox folder then delete it. If it says could not delete and it says it couldn't delete a dll file then try restarting your computer right away then delete the old dll file. There's more of a chance to delete the dll files if you do this as soon as the computer is started. The longer you wait for the dll file the less of a chance to delete it. Sorry if it's a bit long your welcome for the help :) extra info by: cjcool

What can you delete to give your computer memory?

you can delete whatever files you don't need anymore. don't delete ".dll" files, files stored in a program's folder or files in the "windows" folder. you can safely make room on your HD by using cleaner software (don't just download a cleaner check it first, it can harm your computer!) and let it clean everything (especially your "temporary files") if you never did this before it can make Lot's of free space! you can also try to defragment your PC but first, backup your files. remember to not delete any file a program needs!

How do I open dll files on windows 7?

You don't open DLL files directly. They are not programs or documents, but libraries that programs use to perform specific tasks.

What can open dll files?

A DLL (dynamic link library) file is a file used by a specific application to communicate with devices inside or attached to the computer. DLL files aren't meant to be opened separately from the program they belong to. When you load the program the DLL file belongs to, that program will automatically load the DLL file if it needs it.

How can find the application that is using a dll file?

Most programs use .DLL files. The one you installed yourself is usually in the program's folder. Right click the dll and choose "Open file location" and look for a .exe file. If you want to know more about a specific dll you can open the dll in notepad, often you can read some of the letters and figuring out what program/game etc. It's for. For other .dll files you can search up on the name or location to find its origin. dll files should often be left alone.

How can you delete an infected file called windows nem218 dll?

i deleted this from my windows millennium edition computer by booting up in dos with the starup disk changing to the windows directory and typing del nem218.dll i had 3 other files i needed to delete the same way everything seems to work good now

How do you get rid of dll errors at start up?

Are you facing DLL errors very frequently? Do you want to get rid of DLL errors on startup? Well, first we need to know how a DLL file works. Dynamic Link library (DLL) is basically a library in the system that either contains a code, resource or data. These libraries usually have the file extension of drv, DLL or ocx. We must know that DLL files are an important part of our system. We must not deal with them if we are not familiar about it. Only expert programmers and software developers who deal with operating system work with these kind of errors. If you are facing a DLL error, it might not necessarily be because you messed up with any of DLL files. It might be for many other reasons. When our operating system was installed, many DLL files have also been transferred to our system. An executable programs (exe) usually calls a DLL program to perform a particular function. The function can even include a particular task for any hardware device of your computer. One of the most common example of the function of DLL files is to check the space in your system. Whenever, an exe file is initiated, it can call a DLL file to check whether the necessary space is available in your hard drive. It will also check if any similar code already exists in the system and then helps the exe file to only write the source code which is necessary in the system. In a nutshell, it helps in performing an executable program it's task and makes your system more efficient by only copying what is necessary. Now, you might not be interested in DLL files and but in DLL errors. But the reason why I explained you is because DLL file is not a harmful file but a part of your system. Take note that it is not a virus but an error. So you must never delete any delete any DLL file thinking it's the cause of your problem. What is really causing is a DLL file which cannot be executed properly? That's when you get a DLL error. And it usually happens because their might be some DLL files which are missing or they are not placed in the proper directory. Again, it might not be because you have done something. It might have happened because of uninstalling any software which removed the DLL files along with it. You might be able to fix this problem by downloading the DLL file and placing it in the correct directory. But what's point since every time you have some DLL files corrupted or missing, you have to search for it, follow the instructions and place it in the correct directory. Why don't you take an easier and permanent solution for this problem. According to experts, the best way to get rid of all DLL problems is by using a good registry cleaner which has all the library of DLL files and definitions of registry problems. Most of the registry cleaners have not specified the exact DLL file and errors which it can fix except for registry easy which has all the major DLL files mentioned in their official website and have their definitions installed in the software.

Where are dll files located in windows xp?

The .dll files are hidden since they are so important to the operating system. However, if you want to take a look at them, click on Search, then type in *.dll tell it to look at hidden files. They will be listed and it will show what folders they are in. They are in several different folders such as i386.

Is reboot delete your files?

No, rebooting does not delete your files.

How do you remove AVG dll?

Totally uninstall AVG from your computer can help you completely remove AVG dll files.

How can I open .dll files on a Mac?

Programs on Mac OS X do not normally use .dll files (some Microsoft products for the Mac do). Instead they use .dylib files, which have a completely different structure.

How do you remove Run dll Error as an application?

You can find run dll error in Windows system32 file. You can delete it directly.

How do you remove gamevance adware?

1.Do a little searching in your windows explorer and locate and delete these files:gamevance32.exeProgram Files\Gamevance\ars.cfgProgram Files\Gamevance\gamevancelib32.dllProgram Files\Gamevance\gvtl.dllProgram Files\Gamevance\icon.icoMake sure that all hidden files are visable.2.Search in your registry for any infected files and delete them also.NOTE: Do not go into registry if you are not an expert with them, you might damage your whole OS!!!3. Go to your browsers' add-ons list and delete Gamevance associated files.4. Delete your cache and cookies.5.Download an antivirus program and scan your computer.

If you search by date and delete the DLL files is there a chance that they could return later?

If the DLL's were created by a spyware program like vundo they would come back unless you remove the spyware.