Can you detect a facebook user?

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yes go to their profile, scroll to the bottom and in the left there is a remove from friends and deleted him/her
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How do you block a user on Facebook?

Go to the tab that reads 'privacy' on the top right hand corner and then on the bottom of the page it says 'Block People' and then you enter in the persons name and click the

Why is your facebook user expired?

your facebook will delete soon in a couple of year the most years 5 year s how do i know this because i am working on all sort of account such as myspace twiter and face from

How do you detect invisible users on Skype?

Just send a message. If after a minute or so you receive a "Message ... not delivered yet" notice in your Skype chat window, he's really offline. If you don't get that notice,

How do you unblock user on facebook?

In the right top corner, you'll see 'Account' , make sure you click it, and go down to where it says 'Privacy settings' . Click on it, and at the bottom you'll see 'Apps and
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How many Facebook user does Facebook have?

Currently the number of active facebook users are more than 8 million. But it is expected that in 2012 this number may rise to 1 billion in 2012
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How do you detect underage online users?

You can ask for the result of a difficult multiplication (e.g. 7*8=?). It the answer takes more than lets say 5 sec, you can ask what is the name of our Prime Minister. If