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Full term gestation of a fetus ranges from 38 to 42 weeks. Doctors primarily suggest 40 weeks in the EDD (estimated date of delivery), but a woman, especially first time mothers, can go into labor two weeks early or two weeks late of her EDD. However, if a woman appears that she will not go into labor after more than 42 weeks, or if the baby is already getting too large earlier than 40 weeks, the doctor will induce labor. That is the number they shoot for.

In any case, the best way to confirm paternity is a DNA test post-partum.

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2008-05-14 13:24:17
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Q: Can you determine paternity by dates?
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Can blood tests determine paternity?


How do you determine the paternity of a child?

You do a DNA test...

What happens after answering the paternity suit paternity is already established?

It depends on how you answered the paternity suit. If you are not the parent and it is proved that you are not the father, nothing more needs done. If you are the parent, many more court dates could come to determine custody and child support.

Can you tell paternity by blood type?

You can not tell paternity by blood type. You can rule out paternity by blood type. For example, if both parents are O negative and the baby is type A positive, you can rule out paternity. The only way to determine paternity is by a DNA test. A few of the baby's hairs and the father's hairs can be sent to a lab. The lab can determine paternity.

What can a paternity test do for you?

A paternity test can determine if there is a parent-child relationship between two people. A paternity test would give genetic proof of that relationship.

Doing a DNA analysis determine paternity of a parent?


How can you determine the father of a child in a paternity suit?

DNA test

What test is performed to determine paternity?

DNA test with a swab in your mouth.

What is the role of blood typing in determination of paternity?

A child inherits factors or genes from each parent that determine his or her blood type. This fact makes blood typing useful in paternity testing. The blood types of the child, mother, and alleged father are compared to determine paternity.

How do you determine paternity?

Through one of several types of tests-the most common being blood or saliva tests. Paternity tests can also be court ordered if part of a paternity suit.

What are the release dates for Paternity Test - 2010?

Paternity Test - 2010 was released on: USA: December 2010

How can paternity be proven with blood cells?

Contained within the blood are the genetic DNA "markers". They can be multiplied by PCR in hours and compared against the baseline to determine paternity. DNA is used as it has greater stability than RNA, both can be derived and determined by viable blood cells to determine paternity.

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