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Can a paternity test be performed while you are still pregnant to determine who the father is?

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How can you determine the father of a child in a paternity suit?

DNA test

How can you file a paternity test without a lawyer?

Are you requesting a paternity test to determine if you're the father, or chasing down a father? If you're the man, see link.

Can you determine the father of a child if they were with the girl 5 days apart?

Yes, by a paternity test

Can someone have a DNA paternity test done for their exsisting children if she is pregnant by another man?

A paternity test is to determine who's the father of a certain child - so you need something from the kid, and from the guy(s) who might be the dad. The mother doesn't have to provide anything in this case, so her being pregnant or not doesn't matter.

What does a father have to do for the paternity test?

just a swabbing the inside of your mouth will enable a lab to determine via DNA testing if you are the father.

What is it called when a pregnant women files a law suit against the father for support?

a paternity suit

What is the role of blood typing in determination of paternity?

A child inherits factors or genes from each parent that determine his or her blood type. This fact makes blood typing useful in paternity testing. The blood types of the child, mother, and alleged father are compared to determine paternity.

What is the role of blood typing in paternity testing?

To determine whether or not the alleged father could be the true father, the blood types of the child, mother, and alleged father are compared.

What is paternity testing?

It's genetic testing to determine what percentage likelihood a man is the biological father of a given child.

Can the father ask for a court ordered paternity test for a second oppinion?

Usually not, if a court ordered test has already been performed. However the father can obtain a paternity test from another source and challenge the findings of the court ordered test based on the same. Otherwise, yes, the father may petition the court for a paternity test.

Who can challenge paternity of a deceased father?

The parents of the deceased father (the childs grandparents) can do a paternity test.

Can you determine paternity from DNA samples from siblings?

Yes. You can determine paternity from DNA samples of siblings. This is done by using the gel electrophoresis method. Based upon the bands which are seen, one can denote the paternity as well as maternity. But for this the DNA sample of the father/s is also tested. This method is frequently used in Forensic Science.

Is Blair pregnant?

Yes, Blair is pregnant. She initially wasn't sure who the father was (Chuck or Louis) but she took a paternity test and it confirmed that Louis was the father. Gossip Girl likes to 'mess' around with their audiences, but I'm fairly confident that Louis is the father.

Can a child determine who their father is even if the father is deceased?

With a tissue or hair follicle, with the permission of his family, however it is far more expensive than a standard paternity test.

If the father of my baby doesn't want a paternity test do he have to get one?

If the father is listed as the father on the baby's birth certificate, a court will be reluctant to order him to take a paternity test. If he is not listed as the father on the birth certificate, you can file a lawsuit to order him to prove (or disprove) his paternity through a paternity test.

What happens after answering the paternity suit paternity is already established?

It depends on how you answered the paternity suit. If you are not the parent and it is proved that you are not the father, nothing more needs done. If you are the parent, many more court dates could come to determine custody and child support.

Does paternity have to be determined in child conceived during separation for a divorce?

It will have to be determined through a paternity test if the father is denying the child. If the father admits the child is his, no paternity test has to be completed.

What is the definition of paternity?

The relation of a father to his child; fathership; fatherhood; family headship; as, the divine paternity., Derivation or descent from a father; male parentage; as, the paternity of a child., Origin; authorship.

Do you have to pay child support if the mother has put somebody else's name on birth certificate and waited 16 years to contact you about the child being yours?

Yes, if it can be proven through a paternity test that you are the father.Yes, if it can be proven through a paternity test that you are the father.Yes, if it can be proven through a paternity test that you are the father.Yes, if it can be proven through a paternity test that you are the father.

If you file for paternity and the father is notified to file for paternity to can you request from your lawyer to stop the proceedings to stop the father from getting paternity?

You can stop yours, but he can file his own, as he should. I teach fathers how to do this.

What kind of cases do paternity lawyers handle?

Paternity lawyers handle cases when the mother or father is curious of who may be the biological mother or father. They would refer them to have a paternity test and litigate from there.

Can i get a DNA test while im pregnant?

I'm assuming that your referring to a paternity test. A paternity test is a DNA test used to find out the father of a child. It is possible but you must discuss it with your doctor.However, if you were referring to checking your DNA, then it is entirely possible and safe to do while you are pregnant.

Can an O positive child have a B negative father and an A positive mother?

If you are trying to determine paternity of a child, you will not like the answer. First off blood type is not a good way to determine paternity as there are several combinations that can result. Obviously if paternity is a question the 2 known factors will be the mother's blood type and the child's blood type. If the mother is type A and the child is type O -- the father can be anyone with a blood type of A, B, or O.. the only blood type the father cannot be is AB (unless of mutation), which doesnt help much, considering that is the rarest blood type --- thus, to determine paternity through blood type.. the father can be anyone of about 98.2% of the male population. So to answer your question... yes, that combination is very possible

Can an unmarried mother sign over guardianship of a child during a cps case?

Yes and the father must consent if his paternity has been legally established.Yes and the father must consent if his paternity has been legally established.Yes and the father must consent if his paternity has been legally established.Yes and the father must consent if his paternity has been legally established.

Can a man demand a paternity test to determine if he is a baby's father?

There is no need to demand a paternity test. Just buy a test in the privacy and comfort of your home. Results are returned in five to seven days after the sample is submitted to an AABB lab.