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How much is the DNA test in the Philippines?

It costs between 12 and 15 thousand dollars. For 1 father and 1 child, it costs $15,000, with or without the mother's DNA.


Can you determine paternity by dates?

Full term gestation of a fetus ranges from 38 to 42 weeks. Doctors primarily suggest 40 weeks in the EDD (estimated date of delivery), but a woman, especially first time mothers, can go into labor two weeks early or two weeks late of her EDD. However, if a woman appears that she will not go into labor after more than 42 weeks, or if the baby is already getting too large earlier than 40 weeks, the doctor will induce labor. That is the number they shoot for.

In any case, the best way to confirm paternity is a DNA test post-partum.

Pregnancy Tests

Can you have a paternity test while you are pregnant?

A DNA paternity test can be performed accurately before a child is born through amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling. These methods are explained below. With either method, you will also need DNA samples from the person(s) you think are the father (involving a swab from the mouth).

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS):

Chorionic Villus Sampling is usually performed at very early stages of pregnancy, generally around the 8th to 13th week of pregnancy. During the CVS procedure, a catheter is inserted through the cervix and a small sample is taken from the outside of the gestational sack by gentle suction. This sampling procedure allows the obstetrician to obtain a small amount of fetal chorionic villi (trophoblastic tissue) which is used for the paternity test. Paternity tests conducted using CVS samples are just as accurate as tests which are performed after the child is born.


Amniocentesis is generally performed at later stages of pregnancy. During an amniocentesis procedure, a small amount of amniotic fluid (10ml) is withdrawn transabdominally by your obstetrician. Amniotic fluid is also an excellent sample for paternity testing; paternity tests which are performed using amniotic fluid are just as accurate as tests conducted after the child is born.

Non Invasive Paternity Testing:

While amniocentesis and CVS carries certain risks, such as leakage of amniotic fluid which can endanger the baby's life, there is a risk free method for conducting a paternity test. Fetal DNA finds its way into the maternal blood stream through the wall of the placenta. The medical blood draw entailed in a non invasive test is essentially risk free.

You may also have blood cord samples taken when a child is born and this procedure is also totally safe.


What is a paternal parent?


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How do you tell the father of your baby he is the father?

Be upfront and honest. Approach him calmly and at the right time. The right time should be when you know he is calm and relaxed and in a setting you know he will be comfortable. Beyond that it's just a matter of being upfront with him and telling him everything you know.

But don't expect him to adjust to it right away...there might be a shock period, but if you are calm and understanding he should get over that quickly and hopefully you will be able to plan with him how both of you want to handle the whole thing.

Pregnancy Tests

How much is paternity test in Singapore?

It cost just right under SGD $500


How do you determine who the father is?

There are prenatal paternity tests now, usually they can be done around 12-21 weeks (starting at 3-4 months.) It's still a good idea to a paternity test upon the child's birth as well.

In reference to the question, the way to tell who the father of your child is is to perform a paternity test after the birth. The baby's cheek cells will be gently collected with a sterile swab (I assure you the baby will not even feel it!). Then, if willing, any and all sex partners would have their cheek cells swabbed as well. The samples will be sent for a DNA comparison. It is 100% accurate and not at all invasive.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but the best way to "determine who the father is" is to only sleep with one man when you're not on birth control! Grrr ...

This is really a sad question, I am sure this is tearing you apart. You will need to do a DNA on the child immediately after its delivery. You don't want to wait too long, imagine trying to explain to your child that you had slept with different men and don't know who the father is!! This child needs to know as soon as its born, so does the Father. He needs to take responsibility for this child and so do you.

In response to the two above answers: And what if the person was raped? Education and the ability to share without judgments is much more useful then false morals. From what I know the test can only be taken after birth. I suggest you talk to your partner(s) and a gyn. to see what your options are.

Ignore self-righteous people. You are definitly not alone hon. I had an amniosintesis (totally not spelled right) done before I was 4 months pregnant to determine paternity. However, there is a small risk to baby. Also, if it is not already being done for medical reasons a doctor may opt no to do it and if he does, it can be spendy. I believe mine was 1300$. And keep in mind, no matter how hard it is to be unsure of who the father is, one this is for sure. YOU are the mother of lil one.

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How can you tell who is your baby's father?

You can tell who your baby's father is by getting a DNA test done.

This is really a sad question, I am sure this is tearing you apart.

You will need to do a DNA on the child immediately after its delivery. You don't want to wait too long, imagine trying to explain to your child that you had slept with different men and don't know who the father is!! What type of example are you setting for your child.

This child needs to know as soon as its born, so does the Father. He needs to take responsibility for this child and so do you

That was really understanding of you, the person who wrote about what an example this person would be making to their child. I say, look back on the men you were around and talk to them and ask if anything happened(if you don't remember for some reason), if you know who you have had intercourse with, get a DNA test done. Either way, get a DNA test done, lady. Best of luck to you.

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What is the cost of DNA testing over the internet?

There are several types of DNA tests.

1. Genetic Fingerprinting

This is used to determine someone's identity or their relationship to someone else. These are paternity tests and the DNA evidence you hear about in court. These cost around $500 if you require a legally binding result, or half that if the results don't need to be legally binding.

2. SNP genotyping

This type of testing is used to determine your predisposition to some genetic diseases as well as your ethnic background. These tests typically cost around $400

3. Genomic sequencing

Genomic sequencing or reading each base of DNA. Depending on the amount of sequencing done, this can cost between several hundred and several million dollars. These are highly specialized tests and are not commonly offered over the internet.

A word of caution: genetic results are VERY difficult to interpret, it is well worth the time and expense of seeking the opinion of a physician and or a genetic councilor.

commercial tests also tend to be unreliable, with one company saying something different to another. if you are worried about a genetic predisposition to a disease or believe you may have a genetic disease, it is recommended that you see your doctor, not apply for a commercial genetic test.


Can you have a paternity test without the mothers concent?

an you have a paternity test done without a minors con


Pregnancy Tests

How much does the average pregnancy test cost?

The average I used to see for a decent, but cheap pregnancy test was eight dollars. However, when I go in that aisle at a drug store, I'm surprised to see the prices raised. The new average is approximately $12.


What are the responsibilities of an accidental unwilling father?

Responsibilities of Unwilling FatherYou're in a tough spot, no doubt about it.

You probably don't need to hear this, but I'll say it for the sake of other readers. In my opinion, you shouldn't be having sex if you're not ready or willing to be a parent. No birth control is 100% reliable. Abortion isn't a back-up plan (especially if you haven't discussed it in advance with your partner).

As for your questions, I'm not a lawyer, and some of the specifics will depend on state law, but in general:

A father is responsible for financially supporting his children, whether he wanted them or not. (Unless they are adopted by someone else.) A father won't be forced to see his children, but it would be a lousy thing not to make yourself available.

Here is more from Wiki s contributors:

  • In most cases the biological father is equally responsible for supporting a child/children. If in a situation where the couple are not married and the male does not voluntarily admit to being the father, a paternity test must be taken before child support and/or custody or visitation issues can be addressed. Some states allow a parent to petition the court for a voluntary relinquishment of parental rights and obligations. Contacting the clerk of the domestic or family court in the county or city of residence will help provide more specific information.
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How can you get the west Bengal government's order and circular?


I want to know about the Got. order of commuted leave .


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How old was the youngest person to ever father a child?

The youngest boy (karl corr) to ever father a child was 7years old and was from ashford wicklow {Ireland} and is now proud father to 3year old baby girl.

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Can an ex-husband get a paternity test for a child born while married if he suspects infidelity?

I would say yes, however I wasn't able to find the code or case that backs it up.

Here's a page of links to find that answer http:/

The presumption of legitimacy holds that a child born during a marriage is the child of both spouses. The father's name is automatically placed on the birth certificate, and he is legally responsible for the child. If he denies fatherhood then a DNA test would be required, and if it is found that he is not the father, his name would not be placed/would be removed from the birth certificate and he would not be responsible for the child. However, there is a time limit for that (I want to say it is two years, but I'm not sure, and it may vary by state). After the time limit passes, it's too late. Even if a DNA test then proves he is not the father, it makes no difference, he is still responsible.



You can get a DNA test but like is mentioned above there is a time limit and after it passes you are screwed. What a man should do in a case like this is fight tooth and nail for custody, and upon getting it fight for child support. If the woman thinks she will have to pay child support she just might change her mind and find a target that won't fight back. Of course a woman would never be so evil as to lie about who the kids dad is, wait, about a third of DNA tests prove that the bio dad is not the one they claimed. Justice be damned.


Can pregnant woman eat guava?

yes .its absoultey good. it conatins Vitamin C.


What do you do if the father does not want the baby?

It doesn't matter if he wants the baby or not, if you choose to get child support from him, you can get a court order saying he has to pay and how much. They will even take it out of his check before he gets it. (Sort of like taxes.) If you choose to just let him stay out of the babies life, have him sign a paper giving up all rights forever from the baby. Be sure to have a lawyer or judge do this paper so it is guaranteed legal. If you don't want to raise the baby without a father, then you have the option of adoption. There are many types of adoption. You'll have to go to an adoption lawyer or agency and find out what it best for you. If you choose to keep the baby, just know there are lots of moms who raise children without dad's; for a number of reasons. And there are also lots of dad's that raise kids without mom's for the same varying reasons. There is lots of help out there if you ever need it. You do what's right for you.

AnswerMy boyfriend didn't want the baby but since she looks just like him, he can't ignore the fact that he loves her. If the father really doesn't want the baby, it doesn't matter. I thought because my boyfriend didn't want the baby, I was going to be lonely, and I even thought of giving her up for adoption when I was pregnant. But the moment she was born, I had a dramatic change of heart. My baby brought me so much happiness. I can't imagine not having her. I don't even care about guys anymore. For the first year of her life, my daughter did not see her father because he was immature and stupid. I had so much fun with her, because she was mine and only mine. There was no guy to be bothering me or telling me how to raise her. I made all the decisions for my daughter. Now that her father wants to be in her life, I feel like, Oh man! It was better when it was just me and my daughter because I did what I had to do when I wanted to. The fact is that I am going to get child support from him and he gets a right to see her too. AnswerI am a single parent bringing up my 17 month old beautiful baby boy alone. My son's father refuses to contribute any money towards his son and has not seen him for the past couple of months, i don't know the reason why because he does not Evan have the decency to call and let me know what's going on. At first i felt like my child was going to miss out on something. However, i know I'm a strong women and i will do all i can to make sure he has everything he could need and most importantly my love.

I know that one day his father will decide to come knocking on the door and when he does i can't wait to close it back in his face. My son will make up his own mind when he's old enough.

I think it's so sad that this day and age there ares till people having children and not caring for them, how can you turn your back on your own child. I have so much respect of single parents it's a tough job at times.

For all you fathers/mothers out there who don't look after your children YOUR MISSING OUT.

Keep it yourself.

Smoking While Pregnant

How much does a DNA test cost?

DNA TestsA DNA test for paternity analysis costs somewhere in the region of $200.

If you require the test to be admissible in court, which is often required in cases of child support or disputed paternity, the costs go up. Some say to $500 or $600. (According to one FAQ Farmer: "I've just had a fully legally binding DNA test, following a dispute with my wife with regard to access to my 3 year old daughter. The test cost me nearly $500. I would have paid near half that if I didn't require a legally binding result.")

This additional cost is associated with the need to demonstrate a chain of custody for all of the samples tested. Before selecting a laboratory for testing there are a number of things one should consider, the most important being the quality of testing provided.

Some U.S. companies like offer a wide variety of tests that can be used in court or for personal knowledge. When ordering a test from an online company, always check their accreditation's or if they come recommended by media sources, like news and television.

a dna test cost $200 dollars.

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If you are getting divorced and you have a child with your boyfriend do you need a paternity test done?

Whose name is listed on the birth certificate? If it is your boyfriend, when you file for divorce, notify your attorney that the child is not your husband's and that your ex will have no legal obligation towards your child.

If your boyfriend is not listed as the father, you need, for legal reasons, to have a paternity test done and have your boyfriend legally recognized as the father of your child.

Depending on your state laws, if the divorce is not final the husband is automatically put on the birth certificate. So, then yes, a paternity test has to be done to prove to the court it is not the husbands and the boyfriends which will be proven by the test. Also, depending on your state laws then the state will make the boyfriend pay child support regardless if you are living together or not.

Chewing Gum

Can you chew gum before taking a paternity test?

Yes, as they can take blood instead, which has less false negatives.

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Can a paternity test be performed the day the baby is born?

yes you just have to ask your doctor


If you are 14 and your unborn baby's father is 17 can he go to jail?

Hey I'm 17 and my baby is going to be a year in November, but yea he can go to jail... your underage and he is jail bait.. Good luck with that one..


NO. he may go to juvy but its not likely. even though the age of consent is normally 16 for most states if the father is 17 at the time of intercourse the most any judge will do is fine him.

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How much is paternity test after baby is born while in hospital in Chicago ilinois?

This depends on the hospital and their markup over what they are paying to have it done. Hospitals do not generally have DNA labs, due to costs, but rather contract out the service. Going to the DNA clinic directly, and if you are looking for a court admissible test, runs around $400. Hospitals will mark that up 200-300%.

In January, a Bill is being introduced in Tennessee the require paternity testing in all new births, which than may than reduce the cost.

New Delhi

DNA test in delhi centers and what it costs?

DNA Labs India has 37 centers in Delhi. call 09395142800 for details


Can you determine paternity from DNA samples from siblings?

Yes. You can determine paternity from DNA samples of siblings. This is done by using the gel electrophoresis method. Based upon the bands which are seen, one can denote the paternity as well as maternity. But for this the DNA sample of the father/s is also tested.

This method is frequently used in Forensic Science.


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