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Can you die from Black Death?

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Yes, black death is a very deadly disease. It peaked in Europe during the iddle ages.

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What do you do when you get the black death?

you die

How long did it take for indiviuals to die from the black death?

it took 3 days for individuals to die of the black death

Did King Edward die of the Black Death?

No, he did not die of the black death but in fact a stroke around 30 years later

Did everyone die from the black death?


How the black death finish?

you die

Did anyone famous die from the black death?

no one famous died fro the black death!

Did the king of england die from the black death?

No king of england died due to the Black Death

How did the black death go?

25 million people die from the black death just because of a flea

How could you get better if you had the black death in the medieval?

You couldn't. If you caught the black death, it was certiain you would die

Did William Shakespeare die of black death?


Did kings die in the black death?


What are some consequences of the black death?

you can die

How do you actually cure the black death?

You die.

Did anyone recently die of the black death?


What was the death toll of the Black Death?

About 25 million people are recorded in history to die from the black death. It was a one third of Europ's population.

How did petarch die?

petarch died from the black plauge aka black death

How did people die from the Black Death?

they got infected

Who was the first to die from the black death?

Elderly and children,

Did knights die of the black death?

i think they died

How did people try to cure Black Death?


What was an economic result of the Black Death?

black death caused 75 to 200 million people to die. Which broke the economy.

Why is the bubonic plague known as the black death?

They called it the Black Death because it sometimes turned your nose, fingers and toes black. Then they would mostly die. The bubonic plague was called the Black Death because of this.

How was the black death caught?

misquitos bit rats and the rats transferred it to the humans giving them the black death and when they die they burn their bodies

Did the black death help bring about the renaissance?

black death caused many people to die. Bringing social and political changes.

How did dogs die from the Black Death Disease?

The same as humans.