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Can you die getting buried alive?

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YES u will run out of air soon enough

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How did people get buried alive?

they get buried alive by ding alive and getting buried in the pyramids

Did the undertaker die in the buried alive match?


What happened to undertaker after the buried alive match?

he will die

Do you wake up after being buried?

I believe you may be refering to the famous "Buried alive matches". Of corse the match is all "kayfabe" which means it's not real. The superstars can't get buried alive they would die of suffication. But if you mean being buried alive for real after a few minutes you'll die.

Did undertaker really die when Kane buried him?

No undertaker was alive Yes undertaker was alive

Is there a video of the Undertaker getting buried alive?

Yes, there is one or two on youtube.

Was Bloody Mary buried alive?

No, she wasn't buried alive.

Cask of Amontillado and buried alive?

Fortunato was who got buried alive

How can soldier die in 1999 bury in 1998 it is brain teaser?

Maybe he was buried alive

How does the undertaker get buried alive?

he was buried alive during a pay per view but it was not real

Who won in the 2010 buried alive match?

kane won the buried alive match

What are the release dates for Hoarding Buried Alive - 2010 You're going to Die in Here 5-8?

Hoarding Buried Alive - 2010 You're Gonna Die in Here 5-8 was released on: USA: November 2013

Why were pharaohs and wealthy people buried with their possessions?

when they die, they thought they would still be alive in the afterlife

Did Randy Orton get buried alive by the Undertaker in a buried alive match?

Yes he did! It was soo COOL!!

What are the dangers of a sandstorm?

Sandstorms can be extremely dangerous when they occur. Some of these dangers would be getting buried alive, houses getting buried. torn down power lines from strong winds, and choking on sand in the air.

What is the phobia of being buried alive in a box?

Taphephobia Taphophobia- Fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries.

Was Lincoln buried alive?

Here is the "answer Abraham Lincoln was the first president to die of assassination. He was shot in the back of his head by John Wilkes Booth"he was embalmed shortly after the night of the fatal shot. So no chance he was buried alive.

Dangers of Mining?

You can get buried alive, or get hurt by sharp rocks. You may even die from the underground waters.

Were the slaves buried alive when buried with the pharaohs?

No slaves were not buried alive with the pharaoh, they used models of household slaves who they believed came to life in the afterlife.

What is the movie called in which a guy is buried alive?

Buried lol

Is undertaker buried alive?

yes he was buried alive but now he came back from the dead and considered the dead man

When was Buried Alive - Änglagård album - created?

Buried Alive - Änglagård album - was created in 1996.

Did booth die on bones?

Booth has had many close calls including being shot (protecting bones), getting blown up (also protecting bones), being buried alive and getting a brain tumor but so far Booth has survived everything.

What was buried with the mummies?

their wife was buried alive with them. as well as any pets.they were also buried with poo

Is the undertaker dead buried alive?

yes the undertaker is alive

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