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Can you die of opiate abuse?



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Yes. several way from bad choices made after you get hooked.

And end up using IV drugs and mixing them you can OD or get a infection that could kill you and then theirs the illness's that go along with such as Aids/Hiv or Hep C subdural hiematoma

Also a drug deal gone bad. Robbery trying to get more money to feed your habit.

Opiate's take control of your whole life so fast you wont know your hooked befor it's to late'

And make you do things you would never ever think of doing.

Unless you can take them for a real reason as Perscribed given to you bye your Doctor to control your pain.

Believe me I know Ive been down both roads Im lucky I don't have aids hiv or Hep But I half to take class A nartocits 3 x a day because of a auto wreck I now am leaking spinal fluid it causes sever Mygrains and its not worth it I would rather have my life back. Now my life has turned into a living HELL and Im not kidding. If you have a choice don't take them unless you half to.

Opiate abuse has killed some of the kids I grew up with its a ugly way to die. Jerry Garcia died from trying to get clean and his body couldn't take it.

Its not easy getting off the drug but if your hooked I pray you can get clean.