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Jerry Garcia (1942-1995) was an American musician known for his lead guitar work, songwriting and singing with the Grateful Dead band. He was regarded as the leader of the band despite his vehement disavowal of the role.

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Jerry Garcia

How tall was Jerry Garcia?

Jerry Garcia a singer-songwriter and musician from the Grateful Dead was 5ft 10in tall.

Jerry Garcia

Was Jerry Garcia tattooed?

No, Jerry Garcia, frontman for the Grateful Dead, did not have any visible tattoos. He was, however, missing part of his middle finger on his right hand. He lost it at age 4, while helping his older brother chop firewood.

Jerry Garcia

How much did Jerry Garcia weigh?

259 pounds

Jerry Garcia

What is the value of a jerry garcia autographed tie?

unsigned are worth about 500 so you should get it appraised

Jerry Garcia

What town does Bill Kreutzmann call home?

Half Moon Bay

Jerry Garcia

What was the song Jerry Garcia sang when Roseanne had her baby on Roseanne Halloween the final chapter?

It was not "Not Fade Away." It was "My Brothers and Sisters" and was performed by the Jerry Garcia Band.

Jerry Garcia

When did Jerry Garcia do drugs?

all the time! that's like a hobby for hippies, instead of being lazy on a couch watching tv mindlessly, they'd take drugs, and stare at object mindfully :)

Jerry Garcia

What is the value of a jerry garcia doll?

Its priceless my Daughter gave it to me and that was 1 run beanie baby garcia. i know of people selling them from 400 to 800 a piece

Jerry Garcia

What speakers did Jerry Garcia use?

JBL E120's, but why stop there? =)

Jerry Garcia

What date did Jerry Garcia die?

August 9th 1995

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Jerry Garcia

How tall is Jerry Ferrara?

Jerry Ferrara is 5'5".

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Jerry Garcia

Why is Jessica Dube missing a finger?

She lost her finger due to a lawn mower accident when she was young.

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Jerry Garcia

Why is Santa Claus not true?

What are you talking about? Santa is real and he's watching you right now.... Be good Christmas is right around the corner!

Jerry Garcia

Did jerry garcia have a dog?


The Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia

When did the grateful dead break up?

One of the band members died in August of 1995, the band formally decided to dissolve their group. However, the remaining players still reunite every once in a while and have performed and released albums under numerous different names.

For example:

Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Phil Lesh formed a new band and dubbed it The Other Ones. They released an album called The Strange Remain in 1999. In 2000, The Other Ones toured once more with the addition of Bill Kreutzmann, but without Phil Lesh. The latter returned for another tour in 2002. The Other Ones changed their name to The Dead in 2003 and are still playing under that name.

In conclusion, the official band, The Grateful Dead, 'broke up' in 1995.

Jerry Garcia

Did jerry garcia and john Hartford ever perform together?

no they did not

Jerry Garcia

What did Bill Kreutzmann sell a young Jerry Garcia?


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Jerry Garcia

At what age can you get married by the church?

Churches are governed by the law of the land in this regard. Whatever age is legal in a particular country is what applies.

Jerry Garcia

What nationality was jerry Garcia?


Jerry Garcia

Did Jerry Garcia say if you have to choose between two evils you still choose evil?

Yes. He said choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.

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Jerry Garcia

Can we get married in court and then get married again in a church?

yes, no problem. the court marriage is a civil ceremony, and considered legally binding, should you then choose to marry in a church so as to have the "blessing of your faith" then by all means do. this happened often during the settlement of the American west, when the preacher was not available that often. it is also a common practice in Europe. the only difficulty you should have is deciding which is your anniversary should the two occur on different dates. or you could celebrate both... works for me.

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Jerry Garcia

Do you have to get married at your own church?


AnswerDo you have to get married at your own church?

No. In fact I am completely against requiring someone to involve their church in their marital affairs.

Live & Let Live!

Best Wishes...

Jerry Garcia

Is Jerry garcia related to sunshine becker?

Sunshine Garcia Becker, the Furthur backup singer, is not related to either Jerry Garcia or Ken Kesey -- Side note: Sunshine Kesey is the daughter of Mountain Girl (Carolyn Elizabeth Adams) and Ken Kesey who Jerry helped raise while Mtn Girl & Jerry were living together -- just a funny coincidence in names but no relations.

Jerry Garcia

How did jerry Garcia die?

He died of a heart attack.

Jerry Garcia

How did Jerry Garcia lose his finger?

Chopping wood


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