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The Grateful Dead was perhaps one of the most iconic bands of the 60s and 70s. Jerry Garcia was the frontman for 30 years. Even after Jerry's death in 1995, the rest of the boys still play simply calling themselves the Dead and even now after 40 years together, continue to spread the love, peace and music.

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The Grateful Dead

What is the grateful dead song he's gone about?

It is about Micky Heart's dad. He was the money manager of the Grateful Dead and Mickey told Jerry that he wasnt good people. He told him "You know better, but I know him" Jerry did not listen to him and his dad took off with all their money. Instead of getting mad at Mickey, he him stay in the band and told him "Theres noting left to do but smile, smile, smile" His dad was last seen on a steam locomotive. THey created the stealie as a sign for whenever Micky's dad "Lenny Hart" sees it, he will feel bad. "GOING WHERE THE WIND DONT BLOW SO STRANGE"what do u think that means? He was later arrested.

The Steal Your Face sign refers to the event itself. 'Steal your face right off your head."

The Grateful Dead

Who was the lead singer of the grateful dead?

Jerry Garcia

The Grateful Dead

Where does Phil Lesh live?

Phillip Chapman Lesh lives in Berkley California, where he was born.

The Grateful Dead

What was Robert Hunter's real name?

Robert Burns

The Grateful Dead

Who are the Grateful Dead?

When the Grateful Dead first performed on June 18, 1965, there were 5 members: Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Ron (Pigpen) McKerren and Billy Kreutzman. Later, in 1968 Micky Hart joined as second percussionist. Pigpen died in 1972 and was replaced (in 1971) by Keith Godchaux and his wife, singer Donna Jean Godchaux, although experimentalist keyboard Tom Constantean joined for a 2-3 years starting in 1973. The Godchaux's left the band in the late 70's and were replaced by keyboardist Brent Midland in 1980. He died in 1990 and was replaced by Bruce Hornsby, who declined an offer to become a permanant member but spent 1991 on tour with keyboardist Vince Welnick who was the bands keyboardist untill thier final concert on July 9, 1995 at Chicago's Solider Field.

Jerry Garcia died in Aug1995, and the remaining members retired the name "Grateful Dead", but continue performing music together as Further, The Other Ones, Phil and Friends etc...

So, who is the Grateful Dead? Anyone of the above people at one time were considered members of "Grateful Dead" but the core group that is alive today is Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Billy Kreatzman and Mickey Hart.


The Greatful Dead were a band form the sixties, very influential and active in the peace/beatnic movement. They never quit touring or recording. They had a following of rabid fans that went from city to city with them, surviving as best they could. Die hard hippies living free and loving life.

The Grateful Dead

Has the Grateful Dead ever play at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium Buffalo NY in the late 70's?

The Dead opened with Help on the Way on May 9, 1977 at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. They closed the show with Sugar Magnolia, then encored with Uncle John's Band. You can download the entire concert for free here: Of mainstream bands, the Dead is the only act I can think of that allowed their concerts to be freely recorded, and who has made the soundboard tapes available to the public. Because of this, their music will live on forever. Time plays tricks on us, and your memory might blurr the late 70s with the early 80s. If this is not the concert you are thinking of, the Dead also performed there in September of 1981, a show they opened with CC Rider. That concert is available for download here: Hope this was helpful.

The Grateful Dead

What are the names of the grateful dead dancing bears?

they do not have names they are just the dancing bears

The Grateful Dead

How many times did Branford Marsalis play with the 'Grateful Dead'?


The Grateful Dead

How many top 10 hits did the grateful dead have?

Only one top 40 hit

Touch of Grey peaked at number 9 in 1987

The Grateful Dead

Who is the leader of the Grateful Dead?

Jerry Garcia

The Grateful Dead

Did anyone in the grateful dead play the saxophone?

While none of the original members played sax (at least not well enough to have attempted to do so with the band), there were some less permanent sax players that worked with the Dead both in the studio and on tour, starting with Martin Fierro. He recorded the sax on the album Wake Of The Flood (like in the song Let It Grow), and can be heard in tapes of concerts from most of 1973.

There were a few others later on, too.

The Grateful Dead

When did the grateful dead play the last live St Stephen?

  • October 31st, 1984
The Grateful Dead

Did Garcia of the Grateful Dead finger cut off in an accident?

Jerry did not cut it off, it was his brother who accidentally cut it off while they were chopping wood. It was the forefinger of the right hand.

The Grateful Dead

What do the Grateful Dead wings mean?

ok so, heres the deal with the wings: someone decided that people going to tons of shows and traveling across the usa with the GD scene/festival scene needed some kind of badge, the way that pilots do, or cops. some deadheads felt they needed a way to show the world how super-badass-mega-heady they are thus the wings.

the thought is that once you have proven yourself on tour as a good road dog or just a kind person, a friend (an already winged kid of the grateful dead family or tribe) gives you your wings. and you must earn them.

when the wings first came out on the scene in the eighties, very few people had them and they came from only one source. I cant remember the dudes name who made them but the pins looked totally different then they do today, i have only ever seen one pair, and they looked as if they were forged by hand and could have been made500 years ago. really cool.

today, anyone can go and buy wings on eBay for ten bucks and they don't mean anything. When I got my first pair of wings, i thought it was very special, and i don't blame people who wear them for wearing them. However, lots of the young kids who are wearing them are doing so because they want everyone to know how cool they are, even if they bought them or were given them by some goon who's never even been on tour. wings have passed into the realm of just another piece of gd merch that ought only be rocked to show you like the band.

they tend to come with the 'headier than thou' kind of attitude common with these kids who always have better drugs, been to more shows, have bigger dreads, rock a shinier wrap, and have a bigger stack of cash than anyone else on tour.

wings are stupid, and they don't mean anything. truly kind kids who have been on tour for years and who have real true free spirits don't need some pin to prove it.

hope that helps

The Grateful Dead

How many Number 1 songs did The Grateful Dead have?


The Grateful Dead

Did the grateful dead band die in an airplane crash?


Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings
The Grateful Dead

What do different colors symbolize?

Gold symbolizes generosity and elevation of mind.

Silver or white represents peace and sincerety.

Red symbolizes a warrior or a martyr.

Blue symbolizes truth and loyalty.

Green symbolizes hope, joy and loyalty in love.

Black represents grief, though sometimes represents mystery.

Purple represents royaly, sovereignity and justice.

Orange symbolizes worthy ambition.

Maroon represents someone who is patient in battle and yet victorious.

Brown represents earthy and nature.

The Grateful Dead

In the grateful dead logo does it spell out grateful dead somehow?

Depends on what 'logo' you speak of.... Some do. But the traditional 'Steal Your Face' logo (skull with lightning bolt) does not

Another Answer:

The stealie (steal your face) was in reference to a band member's relative stealing millions from the band. They wrote a song about it called "He's gone" There is a reference in the lyrics "Steal your face right off your head" That's where the stealie comes from. There is no specific logo of the Grateful Dead that spells out their name but there are some really cool designs out there on shirts and posters that show their name in a really cool artsy way.

~ the "american beauty" logo With the artists ( Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley ) not having any intention to have it appear as something else. American Reality. That is the only thing that comes to mind when asking about an ambigram.

The classic logo SYF was done by Bob Thomas and Owsley Stanley AKA Bear. That logo actually intended to have a type of ambigram and spell out grateful dead in the circle with lettering as you look at it from a distance. It was never done though. That idea was given to the main artist Bob from Bear when creating the design in 1969. The song he's gone was written by Robert Hunter first tiime played in 1971, but the SYF logo actually has nothing at all to do with Mickey's father Lenny Hart, the bands manager at one time.~ TI

The Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia

When did the grateful dead break up?

One of the band members died in August of 1995, the band formally decided to dissolve their group. However, the remaining players still reunite every once in a while and have performed and released albums under numerous different names.

For example:

Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Phil Lesh formed a new band and dubbed it The Other Ones. They released an album called The Strange Remain in 1999. In 2000, The Other Ones toured once more with the addition of Bill Kreutzmann, but without Phil Lesh. The latter returned for another tour in 2002. The Other Ones changed their name to The Dead in 2003 and are still playing under that name.

In conclusion, the official band, The Grateful Dead, 'broke up' in 1995.

The Grateful Dead

What is Phil Lesh's favorite baseball team?

Minnesota Twins

The Grateful Dead

How many concerts have the Grateful Dead performed?

On July 9, one month to the day before the Death of Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead played their last show at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL. According to Dead Base, an organization that has been tracking set lists for the Dead since the early 80's this was their 2,318th show.

The Grateful Dead

Where did the Grateful Dead bears originate?

The dancing bears symbolized the fun-loving aspect of the Grateful Dead and their fans. Over the years these bears have appeared on multi-colored bumper stickers, T-Shirts and posters. The origin of the bear was taken from the Bob Thomas album art cover. The back cover of History of the Grateful Dead, vol 1 (Bear's Choice)(recorded Feb 13 and 14, 1970) showed multi-colored marching bears. Bob's inspiration for the bear came from a 36 point lead slug of a generic bear that was a standardised figure from a printer's font box. The First Grateful Dead Bear What has now become the "jester collar" on the "dancing bears" was actually the chest fur of Bob's marching bears. How things were switched is not clear. for more-

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The Grateful Dead
Three Days Grace
Vampire Weekend

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The Grateful Dead

Who was the Drummer for the grateful dead?

I don’t know

The Grateful Dead

Where was the Grateful Dead Movie shot from?

Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco.


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