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Usually, yes. For example, if you put a piece of rock candy into a glass of water, it will dissolve.

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How does temperature affect how fast a solid will dissolve?

Temperature has everything to do when it comes to affecting how fast a solid will dissolve. If the temperature is hotter, the solid will dissolve faster than if it was colder.

What happen when liquid mix with solid materials?

If the solid is soluble (can dissolve) then it will dissolve in the liquid and give you a solution.

Does salt dissolve candy?

Salt is a solid; water can dissolve candies.

Can a solid dissolve a solid?

No. At least I don't think so.

When does a solid dissolve faster?

when the total surface of the solid is large

What is a solid that does not dissolve?

Diamond does not dissolove

A measure of how much of a solid will dissolve?

A measure of how much solid will dissolve in a given amount of liquid is known as the "solubility" of that compound in that liquid.

What is the term for a substance's ability to dissolve?

well ,when the substances dissolve the term is solid , liquid and gas . so the real term could be solid because solid has a great term answer: Solubility is how easy it is to dissolve; the thing that does the dissolving is the solvent.

What helps a solid dissolve faster in water?

Heat helps solids dissolve in water faster. Gasses are dissolved in water faster by using pressure. Heat helps dissolve any solid in any liquid it will dissolve in.

Will more solid dissolve in a shallower dish?

It depends on the liquid and the solid

Is PbSO4 a solid or an aqueous solution?

PbSO4 is a solid that will not dissolve in water.

What is the name for a solid that dissolves?

A solid that can dissolve is called soluble. A solid that has dissolved is called a solute.

What 3 things affect how quickly solids dissolve in water?

1) The "solubility" of the solid in question (not all WILL dissolve) - or the nature of the solid itself. 2)Presence (or lack of) mechanical agitation to assist the solid dissolve. 3)Temperature of the water (The warmer it is, usually the quicker the solid dissolves)

Saturated solution will usually dissolve more solid solutes if it is?

A saturated solution will usually dissolve more solid solutes if it is stirred or heated.

Can a solid dissolve in a gas?

answ2. Solid CO2 (dry ice) will dissolve in air. The air will contain parts of the CO2 and the CO2 will diminish.

How can you determine if a solid will dissolve in a solution?

If a solid dissolves in a solution, it is soluble. To find out if a solid is soluble, it needs to follow all of the solubility rules. If the solid doesn't follow one of the rules, then it is insoluble and will no dissolve in a solution.

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