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It would be best if you waited for at least 30 days following an appendectomy. Talk to your doctor, since it might be even longer if you did not heal properly.

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Which cavity does the surgeon enter through for an appendectomy?

A surgeon enters through the abdomen for an appendectomy.

Which body cavity would have to be opened for an appendectomy?

The abdomen.

What cpt and icd-9 codes would you use for an open appendectomy?

open appendectomy

Exercise for abdomen?

The best exercise for the abdomen is sit ups or crunches.

What body cavity would have to be open for an appendectomy?

The abdominopelvic cavity would have to be opened for an appendectomy.

Can you exercise after an appendectomy?

Wait at least a week before doing so.

How do you work out your abdomen?

You can work out your abdomen by doing ab crunch exercise.

When can you swim after an appendectomy?

when can i swim after an appendectomy

What is the usual location for an appendectomy incision?

makes an incision in the lower right section of the abdomen.Read more:

Describe how a Mcburney's incision is made for an open procedure?

Mcburney's incision is no longer been used for Appendectomy. For cosmetic reason a transverse bikini line incision is now used for appendectomy

How soon can you exercise after having a appendectomy? says 2 weeks for a traditional and 3 for a lapriscopic appendectomy. My doctor says 5 to 6 weeks to be fully active, my body will let me know (Canadian military doctor).

What is the prefix of appendectomy?

The word appendectomy does not have a prefix

How long do you have to wait to do exercise after having your appendix removed. Not strenuous just a gentle jog.?

The normal wait time after an appendectomy before exercise is one to two weeks.

What is an appendectomy?

An appendectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the appendix.

What is an open pelvic fracture?

When there are open skin wounds in the lower abdomen.

How do you remove an appendix?

This will take a very common operation, its what we call an "Appendectomy". You will need a General sugreon and a Anesthesiologist. There are two ways this procedure is done. The perferred method is done laproscopicly, meaning using a camera with a minimal incision site. The other way is "Open" meaing the incision site is much larger about 12 inches in your right lower abdomen. An open appendectomy is only done when the surgeon is not sure the appendix is the problem of cause. This way they can look and feel around for other causes for your symptoms.

Can muscles be strained in the abdomen from shoveling snow?

Muscles can be strained in the abdomen from shoveling snow. Shoveling snow is an intense exercise that will strain most of your body muscles including the ones in the abdomen.

What does appendectomy mean?

Appendectomy is the surgical removel of the human appendix from someone.

How do you spell appendectomy?

That is the correct spelling of the term "appendectomy" (removal of the appendix).

What is the root word of appendectomy?

Appendix. An appendectomy is the operation to remove the appendix.

What exercise can you do to get great six pack?

Situps are the best for lower abdomen excersise

What muscles are worked during the exercise called mountain climbers?

Lower Abdomen

What is post-appendectomy?

The time period directly after having your appendix removed.

Can you swim if you had a appendectomy?

As long as the scar is healed then there is no reason why you can't swim after an appendectomy

Is appendectomy a type of excision?

Yes, appendectomy is excision (surgical removal) of the appendix.

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