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Can you do anything to restore a scratched DVD or CD?


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How to fix a scratched CD or DVDThis will only work if the disc is scratched and none of the foil is missing or flaked off. I have a music disc that was scratched beyond listening, I took some 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper, rubbing compound, and micro glaze designed for cars. Using the 2000 grit sand paper wet sand the disc, start from the center and go in a straight and perpendicular line outwards slowly working your way all the way around the disc until you can no longer see any scratches other than the sand paper marks. Then repeat with rubbing compound until the sanding marks are no longer visible. Then use the microglaze and repeat. The disc should be shiny and play fine.

You can also buy repair kits at almost any electronics store and over the internet.

They are relatively inexpensive, easy to use and yes, they do work.

I use them often to fix CD's that are damaged from bouncing around in my CD player in my car (works on DVD's and Roms also).

More info:

rub the scratch with a soft cloth with tooth paste on it. rub in the direction of the grooves.

They way that I repair scratched CD's is using a CD cleaner. You can buy them anywhere stores sell computers and things like that. The CD kit (that I have) basically cleans the disc all over leaving it spotless


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you probably have a CD+-R and a DVD-Rom, which I have. Took me a long time to realize that DVD=ROM doesn't burn anything. It only reads You need a CD+-R and DVD+-R/RW to burn.

maybe some are scratched and made need some cleaning

No if a CD or DVD is acully cracked then toothpaste will do nothing, but if it is deeply scratched or miner scratched yes it will help as long as crusial Data has not been lost.

CD's have covers so that they don't get scratched, and a cover protected them from being scratched. If a CD becomes scratched too much, it will no longer be able to be read.

CDs and DVDs get handled, their surfaces get scratched. Hard disks are protected better.

A disc drive is what comes up when something like a CD, DVD or game that has been scratched is not recognised by the player or console.

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sometimes it depends how scratched it is

A DVD can not be used in a CD Player, but a CD can be used in a DVD Player.

DVD Problemif your CD is scratched...... put windex mixed with lemon juice on it.after you rub the mixture on it.... take a stick of melted butter and pour it on your DVD/CDtake flour (cooking flour) and sprinkle 1 teaspoon of it on the CD.LET ALL THE INGREDIANTS SIT FOR 10 MINUTES IN THE SUN AND THEN YOUR CD/DVD SHOULD BE AS UNSCRATCHED LIKE IT'S BRAND NEW!If your DVD won't play because it was made on the computer:take it to your local library and and ask for book stain removerrub the book stain remover ALL OVER THE DVD / CD and then your DVD / CD should play in your DVD should play in your DVD player!

a CD is like a DVD but the DVD cant be played in a radio and a CD cant be played in a DVD player


the dvd you watch to and the cd you listen to.

Software Publishers is a company that provides CD and DVD solutions. They are located in Greensboro, North Carolina and provide full service for anything DVD and CD related.

Dvd is better than CD because the dvd can store more data than the CD

yes every DVD player can read CD ... therefore you can watch cd on a DVD player

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Gothic 3 comes on DVD, not CD. You need a DVD drive to install this game.

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Not necessarily. You can have a CD/DVD reading drive that does not write.

because it is a DVD burner, not a CD burner

you cannot play a DVD in a CD-rw. a DVD, although similar to a CD is different and can only be read by a DVD drive. you will need to purchase a DVD drive

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